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Is there a real god and jesus?

Matt8536-40, M
Absolutely brother 馃檪
@Matt85 ...dude, I'm really trying to keep this civil and friendly, but if I can't expect honesty from you I see no reason why I shouldn't troll back.
Faith healing has been debunked and therefore cannot be a source for knowing your god is real. Period. End of discussion. Whether you accept that or not is irrelevant because your feelings won't magically change reality.
I'm asking you one last time before I won't be so friendly anymore, do you have a valid source, yes or no?
@Matt85 Taking your silence as a "no". Would've preferred actually hearing it from you, but I guess one really can't expect honesty from Christians. Unfortunate.
@Matt85 I do not like nor follow Benny Hinn. No way. He is money hungry and a just a businessman, using God, and God doesn't like that. Hinn is phony baloney.
There absolutely is. You can count on it! They are very much alive and real and they want a relationship with you. God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible, and we can talk to Him through prayer. He always hears our prayers. He loves you more than words could ever say.
Insomuch as billions of people believe in one or two or however many Gods. A collective delusion, and they will all die chasing the wind.. I myself like to believe that the UNIVERSE?!! is in an endless loop, and I have lived this exact life over and over endless times over endless trillions and zillions of years down to typing these exact words.. once again..
pride4926-30, M
@alongalone I like to think everything exists too a weirder black hole infinite universes type of way
Peaceandnamaste26-30, F
@alongalone same too. The universe/multiverse could be eternal and also go through infinite big bangs, rebirth to rebirth everything is recycled, creation is an illusion, everything is in constant transformation, in nature you see the cycles of life and death, plants die and become dirt and new plants grow and feed from the nutrients from the plants that died. We are recycled stardust and energy.
Peaceandnamaste26-30, F
@pride49 After this universe dies what if another forms again, perhaps another big bang?
siddhikoli26-30, F
@siddhikoli no 鈽癸笍 and
John 8:31-32
21st Century King James Version
31 Then said Jesus to those Jews who believed in Him, 鈥淚f ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed.

32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.鈥
Please read this.


[b]God didn't leave us to guess what life is all about and how to be happy.[/b]
Peaceandnamaste26-30, F
Which god? There's trillions of gods people worship.

Which one one, there's people that worship and worshipped Jehovah, Thor, Zeus, Krishna, Kali, the flying spaghetti monster, Farblesnozz, Ra, Horus etc...
RenegadeMinistry36-40, M
Is pride month happening? Pride comes before the fall.. And that should be proof enough that satan exist to blasphamey against God.. So if satan exist God has to also.. Get in the bible.. Keep the Word.. If you dont have a bible at home you can always download bible apps free on google play store.. Just as good.. God bless.. 馃檹馃檹馃檹
@RenegadeMinistry Hail Satan 馃 and happy Pride
RenegadeMinistry36-40, M
@Gloomy aye that doesnt offend me God says love thy enemies tho i dont even see you as an enemy just that God hasnt Got your Attention yet as he has me.. I used to be the same as yall and he kept sending me signs and got my attention.. It will happen for you to eventually also hun
GuyWithOpinions31-35, M
Yeah maybe. I think so lately.
@GuyWithOpinions You still don't know?
WhatLifeIsFor41-45, M
are you in search of God?
If we value reality then no. If we prefer fantasy I suppose they could be argued to actually exist in the imagination.
If the human race didn鈥檛 already exist, why would you need either ?
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Adstar56-60, M
Jesus is God made manifest in the flesh..
pride4926-30, M
I wouldn't trust them if they did exist.
Lovingsomeone26-30, F
@Lovingsomeone Source?
Iwantout26-30, M
basilfawlty8931-35, M
Well Jesus is my cousin.
As to God, which one?
Khorne, Slaanesh or are you more of a Tzeench fan?
There's no real evidence for any god, but the Essenes did write about an evil Rabbi that traveled all over and blasphemed a lot about being the "son of god", claiming to be a healer, he was crucified about that time period.

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