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There are many people today that stand in judgement of God. Especially many atheists, who question the morality of God.

They like to loudly proclaim that the God of the Bible is unrighteous. Firstly, let me say this, and bear with me while I make a point: there are about 8 billion people in the world. 8 billion people who have very different opinions and views from one another. Everyone thinks differently, having different political opinions, different philosophical views, religious views, views about everyday things and just about everything.

Now here's my question for you: if there are 8 billion people on this world all with dramatically different views on a variety of different subjects, why would you for one second assume that the creator of the universe, the God who created everything just happens to agree with you on everything. That is what people think today. Atheists and others stand in judgement of God because they expect God to agree with them on everything. It doesn't make any sense. You've got all these different people with all these different views Not only that, but throughout our lives our views on things change.

But yet you expect to read the Bible and have God thinking just the way you think and agreeing with you on everything. You expect God to be just like you. That's your problem. Think about how insane this is. Basically what you are saying is that you are this unique unicorn where your personal views and what you think in your heart is the exact way the creator of the universe thinks and feels. They have a God complex. You think that you have all the correct answers within and expect God to match that perfectly. Then if God doesn't match that perfectly, you're going to judge God. And you'll start to question: "Why would a loving God do this?" "Why didn't God do it this way?" "Why would God allow this to happen". The Atheist approaches the Bible expecting God to agree with every feeling and thought they have in their heart that seems true, which is the utmost arrogance.

Now, what are these feelings and thoughts in the heart that seem true? It's everything you've watched on TV your whole life, it's a combination of everything you've heard on the radio, read in magazines and books, learned from your parents, learned in school and everything the media has taught you. Can you really trust that? Do you think that you're the final judge of what's right and wrong? You see our own heart is not a trustworthy source of truth. In fact, the Bible says "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" - Jer 17:9

So, I decided to put my faith and trust in what the Word of God says on every subject and when what I think and the Word of God says conflict, I am going to say that I am wrong and The Bible is right. I made the decision a long time ago that whatever the Bible says I am just going to believe it because the Bible says "He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool...." It also says in Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

Now, obviously we should listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives, but the Holy Spirit will speak to us through God's Word and bring God's Word to our remembrance. He will point us toward the Word of God. He will guide us in all truth.

On the contrary, those who are not saved are lead by their own inner voice, which is a result of aforementioned influences. The kind of inner voice that says, "Would a loving God really torch Sodom and Gomorrah? That just doesn't FEEL right to me." Well, who the hell are you? You're nobody. Who cares what you think. Your opinion is just what happened to be taught to you by culture and society. And society and culture had radically different views just a couple of decades ago. So, what doesn't seem right to you in the Bible is irrelevant. The Bible says in Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, But the end thereof are the ways of death."

Why put your faith in a society and CULTure that is constantly changing? The Word Cult is in culture for a reason. Put your faith in the God of the Bible, who NEVER changes. "For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” - Malachi 3:6
"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." - Hebrews 13:8.

Gods Word is the final authority. Let God be true, but every man a liar! Let God be righteous and let us be unrighteous. We are wrong and He is the one who is right. That is where you need to get in life, my friend.

You'll probably say, "how can you just blindly believe the Bible?" How can you just blindly believe what your cartoon, movie, rockin roll music filled mind tells you what is right all the time? What are you listening to? Some voice inside that just happens to be telling you whatever TV and the media is telling you? Isn't it interesting that you have an inner voice telling you the same things that millions of other people are being told by their inner voice, that nobody had an inner voice telling them that in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

God's not unrighteous, You're unrighteous. We all are unrighteous. God is right. Everything God does is right and all of his judgments are right. He's right about every subject all the time.

Many feel that it is not right for God to punish sin. God is the author of righteousness and He decides what is righteous and what isn't. You don't. You don't get to stand in Judgement of God. God is the one who makes the rules.

Now when we think about God punishing sin, the big subject is Hell, because the ultimate penalty for sinners is to spend eternity in Hell. Many struggle with this. And I'll be honest, there have been times in my life where I have struggled to wrap my mind around the concept of Hell. But let me say this, God is love. Wouldn't you say that the love of God passes all understanding? Ephesians 3:17-19 says, "That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God."

God's wrath is the same way, It passes all understanding. No one has love like God has. God is the ultimate in love and He is also the ultimate in vengeance. True love must also hate evil and sin, otherwise it is a fake love. Romans 12:9 says, "Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good."

So, if you can't grasp or fully wrap your mind around the love of God because it passes all understanding, if you can't fully relate to the love of God or if you can't come close to having that kind of love in your heart, why would you expect to understand or have the level of vengance in your heart that God has in His heart. The foolish atheist would say, "Well, I wouldn't send all of those people to Hell." Yeah, but you wouldn't die on the cross for people either! You wouldn't go to Hell for anyone either. But yet Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, He took the upon Himself the sins of the world and took the whole brunt of the wrath God the father poured out on the Son and He went to Hell for 3 days and 3 nights. That is an amount of love that I can't comprehend because I don't love anyone to that level, and if you are honest, you would say the same thing.

If we can't grasp the love of God, why would we think that we can grasp the wrath of God. God's wrath is also on this other level that we can't process. God is so far beyond us on His love and His justice. Vengeance is not necessarily a bad thing because it stems from God's righteousness. So, if you try to process Hell and the wrath of God just like you struggle to process the love of God, because you would find it hard to believe that God has forgiven someone like Jeffrey Dahmer and that Jeffrey Dahmer is in Heaven right now because He ended up believing on the Lord Jesus Christ and getting saved.

At the end of the day you have to realize that you are not God. He is God. He makes the rules. And there is no other God to compare Him to. Isaiah 40:25 says, "To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One." There's only one God, so whether you like Him or not, He's the only one you've got. This is the only universe you were born into. There's only one God and He is who He is. He even says, "I am that I am." (Ex 3:14). Deal with it. You can either get on His program or get smoked. What's funny is that many atheists think they are so clever and smart because they have all of these arguments against God that are so absurd (professing themselves to be wise they became fools) and they talk about "the problem of evil." And many atheists have said that they became atheists because they started thinking about "the problem of evil." Many atheists don't want to believe in the God of the Bible because they consider Him to be a malevolent, unpleasant and mean God. Richard Dawkins said it is possible that aliens created us, but that it can't be the God of the Bible because he thinks that the God of the Bible is unpleasant and mean. That's not logical. That's not scientific. Obviously Richard Dawkins is wrong. God is not malevolent, mean or unpleasant, but hypothetically, even if he was, why would that mean that God doesn't exist? That's pretty stupid logic. These atheists are nowhere near as logical as they lead you to believe.

Also, if you do not believe in God, you therefore have no objective standard for truth, so you have no basis for your moral questioning or claims. Your world is a relativistic, subjective and solipsistic one.

Read Genesis through Revelation. That is what God is like. It doesn't matter if you disagree with some things. You are one out of 8 billion people who all have different opinions and you don't just happen to line up perfectly with God in every opinion. What a shock!

Don't worship your own limited and faulty mind. The atheist worships his own intellect and reasoning. Just think about it: the intellect and reasoning that the atheist worships comes from a limited brain that can only detect 0.0035 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum -visible light - (of which that entire electromagnetic spectrum itself is only a fraction of what can be seen and exists in the universe). A brain that can't hear a dog whistle or even see certain patterns on plants that some insects can see. A limited 3 pound brain that certainly cannot fit the infinite God of the Bible inside of or in the tiny box of "proof" and "evidence" which that limited brain has created. They are slaves to their 5 senses, to materialism and to all of the influences of society and culture, which is constantly changing.

Put all of your faith/trust on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word - the final authority, which never changes and brings real peace, real purpose and real direction in your life. Without this trust, you gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If you don't trust in God and the final Authority - the Bible, you are living in a false world where everyone is an accident, everything is relativistic and all that that really matters is me, me, me.

Folks, what are you exalting today? Is it something that is going to fade away? Are you worshipping the things of a very confused and insecure world that is all going to burn? Why?

I worship that which is eternal - a living, risen savior - the Lord Jesus Christ - who is now beyond space, time and matter, as shown in the Holy Word of God which is eternal: "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever." - isaiah 40:8.
DaddyThomas · 41-45, M
Very nice for you that you’ve such a strong belief that there is a god.
There are 40 authors of the books of the Bible. Most of them we know, but there are anonymous writers too. Some of the authors wrote one book, some wrote several.

Moses is credited for the first five books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy which are called the Pentetuch. These books cover creation to his own death at the end of Deuteronomy. It's been suggested that another person, who took over the spiritual leadership of the Israelites, completed Deuteronomy.

The books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth are historical documents written before or during the reign of King David presumably by priestly historians.

The Psalms were written by King David, Moses, Solomon, the sons of Korah, the sons of Asaph and Ethan the Ezrahite. There are also some Psalms that were written anonymously.

Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes were written by King Solomon, though chapters 30 and 31 of Proverbs were written by Agur and Lemuel respectively.

Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Micah, Nahum and Zephaniah were the prophets who penned the books with their names.

The writers of Samuel, Kings, Esther, and Job are unnamed.

Habakkuk, Joel, Obadiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi were written by the prophets' named respectively.

Jeremiah wrote both Lamentations and Jeremiah while Ezra wrote Ezra, Nehemiah and possibly Chronicles.

In the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote their gospels and Luke also wrote the book of Acts. Paul is responsible for the Pauline Letters which are Romans, 1st Corinthians, 2nd Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1st Thessalonians, 2nd Thessalonians, 1st Timothy, 2nd Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.

Peter of the Twelve Disciples wrote 1st and 2nd Peter. John, the Disciple that Jesus loved, wrote 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John and also Revelation.

The book of James has been credited to James the brother of Jesus and the book of Jude was written by Jude the bother of James. Hebrews has been ascribed to the Apostle Paul but is generally considered to have been written anonymously.
The writings of the apostel Thomas are not in the Bible as Thomas stated that you don’t need priests to study the Bible and worship god.
It’s a great and classic book with many answers but don’t depend your life on it.
If someone doesn't believe God exists, they're not "standing in judgment of God" any more than you stand in judgment of Harry Potter. What we're criticizing is his fictional characterization and the behavior of people who claim to believe in him and use him as justification for their own bad behavior.

Your opinion of God is just as fleeting and transitory as the concepts you criticize in others. You're using "God" as shorthand for your own personal views, while citing your particular interpretation of the Bible as an appeal to authority. You have no objective standard for truth or morality, either. All of the critiques you level at us could be applied to you.
@LeopoldBloom Haha. The amount of mental gymnastics you are using in order to evade what the Bible clearly says is hilarious. Anyone can open up the Bible and see what it says for themselves. Ironically, you would rather come up with some farfetched and ridiculous interpretation because the truth hurts. If projection was a degree, you'd have a doctorate, mate.

Also, we don't have the original Hebrew today, we have modern Hebrew which is very different from Biblical Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is a language that was invented in the 1800's. Hebrew was a dead language for almost two thousand years. As early as 200 AD no one was speaking Hebrew as their native language. It was a dead language all the way until the 1800's when the Zionist movement decided to try to revive a dead language - the Hebrew language and revived it and created modern Hebrew.

I have no fear of homosexuals and homosexuality, so homophobic is actually a misnormer. I just hate it because it's evil and God hates it. Romans 1 and many other passages confirm this. Your parroted talking point about those who hate the sin of homosexuality because they may be gay themselves is laughable. This comes from the demented and perverted mind of Sigmund (Sickmind) Freud, a complete crank and most of his ideas have been completely debunked. Not surprised you're using them.

At the end of the day, you wish to escape reality. You can only do so for so long. Eventually it is going to catch up to you. You are going to die one day. 10 out of 10 people die, and you will know the truth. Don't wait till then to find out. I just prayed for you. I prayed that God would bless you, do good unto you and that you would be led to Him. I pray that you would escape Satan's snare and remove the spiritual blindfold that he has placed over you.
@BibleThumpingReligiousZealot I'm reading it literally instead of misinterpreting a bad translation to conform to my own personal opinion, the way you're doing. My quote wasn't modern Hebrew either, professor; it was the original version. You don't have to school me on the history of the language.

I used the term "homophobia" colloquially to refer to the fear and hatred of gay men. I can only speculate why you feel this way. If you want to make believe that it's only because of what you think you're reading in your Bible, don't let me stop you. My citation has nothing to do with Freud; it's from a modern, peer-reviewed study where the penile circumference of male subjects was measured in response to various stimuli.


The term used by the demented Paul of Tarsus was "arsenokoitai," a word that appears nowhere else and is thought to refer to ritual sex in pagan temples of the time. In Matthew 8:5-13, Jesus approves of a gay relationship. The word used to describe the servant, "pais," in other contemporary writing appears as an affectionate term for a gay lover, like "my boy."

Female humans have XX chromosomes; males have XY. While parthenogenesis has never been observed in humans, if that was the "miracle" of Jesus' birth, he had to be genetically female as he would have only had XX chromosomes from his mother. Yet he presented as a male, leading to the inescapable conclusion that he must have been a trans man. This would be similar to Buck Angel, who was born female but later transitioned to male.

This theory is supported by the fact that Jesus himself never explicitly condemned homosexuality or sexual transitioning.

You think you're reading the Bible literally; I think I am, too. Since you claim to be so close to God, send him to the room I'm in now and ask him to explain what those passages mean.
DocSavage · M
A recent event brings up an intriguing spin on this subject, maybe you heard about it. In Chesapeake, Va . A school granted a permit for an “after school “ club to assemble on the grounds. The club teaches science, critical thinking skills, and social equality .The group is sponsored by the Satanic Temple. One of their meetings was disrupted when someone (presumably a theist ) phoned in a bomb threat. Endangering the students that attended. Several Christians are calling for the school board to remove the permit. Despite the fact they have no legal or moral right to do so.
The Christians believe they are righteous, in denying a rival religious group the same privileges they , themselves are entitled to.
Do you believe this should be the case ,God’s word over the word of law and order ?
DocSavage · M
@Johnconnor so far , the Satanic temple is winning. Someone (theist) called in a bomb threat. That’s not sitting well with the people and the school board.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@DocSavage It was wrong to call in a Bomb Threat. There would have been other ways to handle. But basically, we don't normally even name our children "Satan" or "Lucifer". Do we?
There is something which is bad us bad. Eyeing on someone else's property is bad and no one can make it good.

Till it not happened in America, it was not falling. Infact it was World number 1. It's dismantling started with the introduction of all these things, concerts of Marilyn Manson who have a Satanic theme. Any country, till now has been successful when it walks on the path of righteousness. When we lose it, we Lowe our nation, sense of nationhood like we are losing now. Foreign people are coming and enslaving us and we don't even know. Respect for the God and culture brings self confidence and fame.
DocSavage · M
Righteousness is a tricky term. Some times it takes a strong jolt to shake us out complacency. Recently , Christian nationalists have been on the rise. I admit, I prefer separation of church and state. It takes more dramatic actions to keep it.
I just try to do my best and if there is a god and he or she don't like it fuck him. I really don't believe in a god anyway. It's probably more accurate though to say I just don't think about it.
Let me ask you this:

Did god give humans moral standards by which to judge right from wrong?
Get ya popcorn! lol
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@Pikachu You have got a tongue by which you judge the taste of your food and accordingly you eat? The tongue is a gift of God.

So our moral standards are the standards given to us by god to judge right from wrong?
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@Emosaur The maintainable of Free Will in itself calls for alot of chaos. Look at any modern day society which could easily curb any mass movement with its force but they don't, to get our free will unhampered. The same way, The maintainable of free will alone gives a mind multi dimensions to think. If those multi dimensions are taken away, the human will turn into machines which our LIVE GOD would not want with HIS OWN creations. To provide that multi dimensional thought, free will, which includes Good will as well as bad will taken together.

[b]What you are trying to convey is as If you are engaged in cocaine smuggling and when someone asks you to be a nice person then you are asking God to eradicate all the opium plants from its root because if it's there, you are always going to smuggle. But what you are forgetting here is that opium plant is a living creature too and it never says, "come @Emosaur , make cocaine out of me.[/b]

Now, I have given you an example too, if you contemplate on it, it will answer your any further query too.
Emosaur · 22-25, M
@Johnconnor 1. Source?

2. If no then you're describing your god as both all-powerful AND not all-powerful, but that's a contradiction, and contradictory things and beings cannot logically exist, so basically you just admitted your god doesn't exist.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@Emosaur It is your disapproval in your silent approval. Thank you.
DocSavage · M
[quote] People are capable of being good without believing in God because God wrote the law in their hearts. [/quote]

Or, maybe people just choose to be good. It’s an arrogant assumption to believe morality is rooted in god. Social interaction is a more likely cause. Ethnics and morality promote mutual benefits and elevate the whole community. Evolution is equally as well an answer rather than god. It’s simply better to work together for common goals than against each other. You give god too much credit.
DocSavage · M
[quote] Don't worship your own limited and faulty mind. The atheist worships his own intellect and reasoning. Just think about it: the intellect and reasoning that the atheist worships comes from a limited brain that can only detect 0.0035 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum -visible light - (of which that entire electromagnetic spectrum itself is only a fraction of what can be seen [/quote]
Humans , theist or Atheist have the same limitations. Your point is irrelevant. The Bible is a couple of thousand years old. The people who wrote it could not even conceive the modern world. God hasn’t added anything new to it Since then.
Atheist prefer to think in modern times, not Old Testaments.
The word “moral” appears nowhere in the bible. Neither does “morality,” “ethics” or “ethical.” People are fully capable of being good without bowing to a deity.
@BibleThumpingReligiousZealot Those who can look at the bible objectively, who are not handicapped with the requirement that it be worshiped or respected, notice that there are problems with using it as a guide for behavior:

The bible argues from authority, not from reason, claiming that “might makes right.”

The bible nowhere states that every human being possesses an inherent right to be treated with respect and fairness—humans don’t matter as much as God does.

The biblical role models are very poor moral examples, often ignoring their own good teachings (what few there are) and ruthlessly pursuing their own tyrannical teachings.

Many moral precepts of the bible are just plain bad, even dangerous.

On closer inspection, the few “positive” teachings are uninspired, unoriginal, inadequate and irrelevant.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@BlueSkyKing The Bible does not teach morality. It teaches complete obedience and total loyalty to the Boss (God, the chief priest, the emperor, the king, the family father). Disobedience to any of them warrants the death penalty.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
@BlueSkyKing The Bible was written as propaganda to counter the Islamic Koran, which had been written in the 640s. The Bible was written in the 680s-early 690s. The Christians did not have a single book for its fairytale so, once the Muslims came out with the Koran, they needed one to get the local farm boys fired up to go on killing sprees against the invading Muslims. That is why the Bible contains lots of stories about God commanding the Israelites to kill everyone and everything. It's hard to get people to do such things by human direction but if God says to do it, then it's OK.

Remember, some very horrific acts are not sins but lots of silly things are. That is where the total obedience and total loyalty come in. People are commanded to follow their leader's orders, regardless of what those orders are, because God appointed those leaders and they are doing his will.
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
[@BibleThumpingReligiousZealo] Remember, when Eve & Adam ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they knew as much about those issues as God. Therefore, people can judge God's actions. And, people will judge angels. Someone has to be very smart to judge creatures he has never met.
You will have people who agree with everything you say and there will be people who will disagree. They will explain why they do. They will serve to reassure you that you are right, and they are wrong. Together they will give you the attention that you seek.
DocSavage · M
A quick question. Is earth the only planet with life on it ?
Morality is cultural, does god’s moral code extend to the rest of the universe?
Sorry mate.. I can’t read your ‘book’ tonight. Maybe tomorrow…

I will tho
Tennessean · 31-35, F
Why did God make Tennessee more beautiful and better than Alabama?
Tennessean · 31-35, F
Why did God make Tennessee?

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