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The Book of Revelation tells us the woman with 12 stars above her head, her moon under her feet and Jupiter traveling, a sign Jesus is coming.

Jeremi · 36-40, M
please, honestly, stop attacking this woman for what she believes in.
@Jeremi Actually I don't care if she debates my beliefs, then it is just one me to see if she is right, but then also come up with logical arguments if I think she is wrong.

However when she says she KNOWS that I am going to hell, I take that personally. I do read my bible. She said she KNEW I was going to hell strictly based on guilt by association because of a person that I like that has repented of his past sins and his now a Christian, yet she kept harping on his past sins as "evidence" that he is no good even now, and that if I like him I must not be a real Christian and thus going to hell.

She needed to be rebuked for that, my rebuke was just to call her a Pharisee and that some of her beliefs she posts are wild swings of hyperbole. She said that she didn't think REAL Christians sin, even if we have the free will to sin, she thinks real Christians sin, so then to her if this guy I like commits any sins even now, which he does, she thinks then he is a not a real Christian, and if I like him I am not a real Christian, and thus I am on my way to hell quickly to her belief system.

Her belief that real Christians never commit sin as unbiblical as well, but I did take what she said personally and rebuked her for it. It is like the Pharisees to by overly hyperbolic with their beliefs, and use guilt by association. They accused Jesus for eating with the regular people and tax collecters, riff-raff.
Jeremi · 36-40, M
dude, you are preaching to a choir thay is singing a different song. I don't know you or her, personally. I just hate bullies and clearly you are one. I can tell by your long ass responses and needing to explain yourself. I ain't God, I don't care. respectfully agree to disagree and move on. Proverbs 18:2, Proverbs 26:4.
@Jeremi I respectfully disagree with her on her doctrines in many comments, or sometimes agree, but when she assumes I am not truly saved because of my associations, it gets at me. This man that I like has had past sexual indiscretions on his wife that he has now repented of, and just because I like him with where he is at now, she accused me of being a pervert. I took offense at that as well.

I am not so offended that I won't engage with her again on doctrine with comments in the future. She has not been blocked, she is free to comment on my posts.
ServantOfTheGoddess · 56-60, M
@Carazaa I honour and respect you, but there have been so many times throughout the last 2000 years that Christians believed Jesus was about to come back, and he never has. Will you be OK if he doesn't come back in our lifetimes either?
Carazaa · F
@ServantOfTheGoddess He proclaims to be a christian and yet rejects what Jesus said, that he will come back in the clouds the same way he went up. Jesus said his feet will touch the Mount of olives.
Carazaa · F
@ServantOfTheGoddess Yes time will tell. I just want people to know the truth and be prepared. Jesus said that if we warn people and they reject him, the blood is on them, but if we do not warn people then the blood is on us. I want t be obedient to Christ. If people reject God, oh well. This is not a popularity contest. God says if we are persecuted, great is our reward in heaven.
Carazaa · F
@ServantOfTheGoddess Of course I don't know the future. I shouldn't have said 100% but I am quite sure (I changed it) that we are the last generation before he comes in the clouds. I have studied this for 50 years and I wasn't sure 30 years ago. I am quite sure I am not wrong.
@Jeremi I'm not hurt. She and I actually are very close on beliefs.

The events of the past several years have shown how dangerous it is to try to replace the Bible with any human authority. I am merely counseling the OP to frame things more as her views of a complex subject (the meaning of prophecy), and to avoid reposting "yet another youtube video" which shrilly warns us.

In the end, if these things are/are on the verge of happening, none of our machinations will change that ordained timeline a jot or tittle.

But her approach is more likely to turn off people who might otherwise listen,in my view, because demanding people listen, asserting your own view of prophecy is *the* correct view...those are the sorts of "tones" which typically have been turning people away from religion & belief.

I am only counseling her to be more effective by modifying her tone and framing her opinion in these very consequential matters in a fashion which more closely represents the truth: that things she is reading concern her,in that they might be associated with important prophecies, and that *she* believes that they DO speak to the current relevance of the prophecies as a possible foretelling of "world historical events" in our very own lives.

I think she is of GREAT faith and very concerned about others, trying to wzrn them. Good for her! But a shift in presentation would be more effective.

And reading actual scholarship in this area would also help to put current events in a broader context.

I studied theology, so I am not just a typical "guy with an opinion", and we interact in part with specific references to specific Biblical texts.
Carazaa · F
We are not close on beliefs if you don’t know your Bible and can tell the signs and know where we are in history! You are like the 5 virgins who are not ready and did not go to heaven. They thought they had time! They did not have time! The door closed on them!
Jeremi · 36-40, M
tell him!
Blackie · 51-55, M
Very soon? Probably not as soon as you’d like. Where are his 2 witnesses? Where is the anti-Christ? Christianity is still worshipped openly? What is the great deception? We aren’t as they were in the times of Noah yet. All these things shall come to pass before Jesus takes his place upon the earth. We have a ways to go. IMO
Carazaa · F
@Blackie Maybe, maybe not..
Blackie · 51-55, M
@Carazaa I met a person on here that had that view only she was a Real Whack job. Totally contradicting herself with her actions and becoming nasty. She needed serious help, everybody in the SW community kinda thought she was nuts. At least you’re saying maybe maybe not. Not like that other psycho.
Blackie · 51-55, M
@Blackie it’s ok, at least you can hold an objective conversation. Nothing wrong with that 👍. The exchanging of ideas is always good.

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