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Do You Remember Your Drill Sergeant?

Staff Sgt. Leightner and Tsgt. Geick! A Couple of solid dudes actually. No screwing around, just got us all trained up and out the door. Well, except for the one dumbass that could't cut Air Force basic training... I mean, really? There were massages after every mile run and a mint on the pillow every single night! Made my mile in 12 minutes flat, top 10 in the flight!!
DunningKruger · 56-60, M
The one I remember best was Sgt. Rankin. He had huge front teeth — looked kind of like Bugs Bunny, and spoke with a bit of a rhotic speech impediment (think Elmer Fudd).

Normally, training companies only had three platoons, but there were so many of us from the National Guard/Army Reserve that they put us all into a fourth platoon, and housed us up the hill from the main barracks in these old quonset hut barracks. We always had to get up earlier and we were always late for formation.

So, we're coming down the hill, and Sgt. Rankin is sitting on the stoop in front of the main barracks, and apparently he didn't think we were hustling enough, because he yelled out, "Take your time, Fourth Platoon! Take your time! TAKE YOUR SWEET-ASS MOTHERFUCKING TIME!!!"

Imagine Elmer Fudd saying that.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
I do indeed
ZenPearl · F
A mile in 12 minutes? That's slowly as fuck. Mine was 7minutes 14 seconds
ZenPearl · F
[@755518,GerOttman] yeah but I was military lol. Air force even
GerOttman · 61-69, M
[@674752,ZenLioness] What AFSC? Where did you serve? I was avionics, C-130's & KC-135's. Langley & Pease
ZenPearl · F
[@755518,GerOttman] nice I was stuck in San Angelo TX until I deployed.
Sergeant Blanche. Pronounced [b]Blah NCh! [/b] A red headed shorter type guy that scared the crap out of people twice his size, of course! I caught up with him in Ft. Lewis. He turned out to be a pretty decent dude. I guess that is generally the case. Man he would say some wicked shit to us though! He would intentionally try to make us laugh, and, of course, if we laughed we were in deep shit!
DonaldTrumpet · 70-79, M
SorrYZ inhadZ BoneZ spuRz
The Mostz PainfULz Cuntdition everZ

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