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I passed near a house yesterday and got startled by a siren/moan/scream

After looking, I briefly saw thought a blue goose-sized bird in the yard.

I think it was a peacock. Had no idea peacock sounded like this 馃槅

Toepatrol31-35, M
Peacocks are nightmare birds. You're walking alone at night and then you hear what sounds like Spring Heeled Jack having an orgasm.
Aussie6951-55, M
@Toepatrol Impressive someone your age has heard of Spring-heeled Jack.
Toepatrol31-35, M
@Aussie69 *buffs fingernails* well you know I'm a pretty dab hand at that wikipedia thingamajig
dancingtongue80-89, M
Berkeley has feral ones, which can be really startling. Saw a couple of wild turkeys here in Silicon Valley a week or so ago, which threw me. Too urbanized usually. Now wild turkeys I try to avoid from experience. They like to roost in low hanging branches of trees -- yes, the wild version of turkey can get airborne, but only for short distances -- and if you make a mistake of parking under one you will never bad mouth a pigeon again.
chockaholic202056-60, M
@dancingtongue Peacocks do the same. They prefer to roost in trees at night and launch themselves to the ground in a long swooping glide to forage for food the next morning.
Asmae31-35, F
Lol those are adorable. One time I was in the desert at night. My cousin said he heard a wolf and we laughed saying he was imagining stuff. Just a minute later I could clearly hear a distant howl. I ran to the car like crazy. I'm still not sure what it was. Wolf/fox/jackal but it was definitely there. It was a soft howl though, so might be a young animal but still scared the hell outta me 馃槄
I've seen a more rare leucistic one in my part of the world too

(this is a stock photo though, not one I took, I'm too lazy to see if I have one)


for a long time I erroneously thought that the white variant was just female plumage, but I finally realized this was wrong

Aussie6951-55, M
I like that meme that has two peahens beholding a peacock with colourful feathers in full erect state. One says: "Cut the crap, show us your willy!"
chockaholic202056-60, M
My parents had peacocks, and yes, if you don't know what you are hearing, it's a freaky sound alright!
You silly goose! 馃槀
Elessar26-30, M
@darkerlongings Eh it's those cycling shorts that make me look thicc af
MarkS51-55, M
It鈥檚 a weird hi pitched squawk.
Elessar26-30, M
@MarkS The one I saw/heard was more like a moan. It was hilarious, lol

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