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Alright coworker was laying it on thick today lol

Since we've been working together, we have learned a bit about each other, and so he knows some of my likes and dislikes, knows a little about my life, etc.

Well today, all of us were talking about the drinks we planned on having upon getting home, and when I said "martinis", coworker goes, "Damn...classic literature, martinis, wears black, has multiple's a French movie in here." (And he is a notorious Francophile- he almost moved to Paris a few years ago). Not only that comment, but later he said, out of nowhere, "You know, you remind me of one of my ex girlfriends. She was half-Cuban and had these beautiful long black curls, and a beautiful face."


I'm not being conceited right? This dude is flirting right? 馃槼
Flirt back and see! I can imagine someone just saying that to like, relate your experience back to himself... but it does lean in that direction.
MissingLink51-55, M
He definitely is flirting, probably trying to feel out of you have any attraction to him. I do have to agree with him you do have a beautiful face 馃檪
Degbeme70-79, M
Yeah he is flirting. It was close on the first one comment he made to you, but he is coming on to you in a subtle way.
Domking61-69, M
He surely wants to express appreciation & then hopes that you will reciprocate.

Don't be a miser - reciprocate !
Remember - flirting is flirting , nothing more.

Here is your opening reply
"certainement pas monsieur, vous exag茅rez - je suis plus allemand"!
I told you, he wants you.
Yeah he wants you
yes he likes your look
Odds are he is saying what is true. Given that about all that men are legally permitted to refer to is quite limited, I would argue that he is likely spot on. I can't speculate on motives. Workplace "fraternization" is very risky. Be very careful.
tallpowerhouseblonde36-40, F
Very obvious flirting.He is hitting on you hard and making it obvious.Is he good looking and your type?You can have some sexy fun if he is.
lost21346-50, M
I don鈥檛 blame him one bit. Yes he is flirting
DunningKruger61-69, M
So, so hard.

And he's flirting, too.
Sequoia5170-79, M
Yes! And you're Enjoying It.
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JoyfulSilence46-50, M
Better learn how to sing. 馃槈

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