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Anyone have real experience with cats (maybe even dogs) as pets?

My baby tends to get sicky in the morning as I'm sleeping. He throws up liquid, because his dinner already digested from the previous night, I suppose.

Why does he throw up in the mornings? I'm glad he's not throwing up all day, of course. I'm wondering is there something I could be doing to prevent it? Is he not getting his breakfast early enough? I'm just trying to understand why it's in the morning.
Most cats throw up. It's normal. Carefully examine what is in the sick.
They swallow their own hair when licking and grooming themselves. It's not digestible, so they chew a bit of grass to help them vomit up the hair.
It's possible to reduce this to almost nil by grooming the cat every day. They absolutely love it.
(But if you have a long-haired type and if that hair has become very matted, it would be far kinder to get the cat sedated and shaved at the vets. Then start the grooming from the first day home and keep him/her warm while the hair regrows.

Don't overfeed. A cat's stomach is only the size of a golf ball and if they eat too much they are very likely to sick it up. Better to feed two or three fresh meals per day, and remove whatever the cat doesn't eat. (I give leftovers to the birds, dusted in DCP (dicalcium phosphate).)

If you don't see hair in the vomit, then the cat may have a food allergy. Most adult cats are allergic to milk, and even the commercial "cat milks" may still cause vomiting. Kittens need special milk - never cow's or goat's.
If milk is not the problem, then you may need to do an elimination diet to find out what the cat is reacting to. Lamb is often one of the most easily tolerated foods.
A home-made food is always far healthier than any of the manufactured brands - but it's costly and time consuming. I make a month's worth at a time and freeze them in golf-ball sized portions. One can look up the ideal natural cat diet online - or you can message me and I'll send you the recipe I found which worked very well. The most important thing to add is taurine; cats need it for good eyesight.
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@hartfire Thank you.
Maybe he's trying to cough up a hairball ..
You can get hairball medicine at the pet store..
The liquid is just mucus that helps to bring up the hairball.. it's usually not much. It happens long after he eats because he spends time grooming after meals.
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@Onestarlitnight Maybe I'm wrong though? I hope so. It's always in the morning. Not during the day or at night. I don't see him grooming at night. He usually only grooms if he's happy. I don't think he does any grooming when I'm sleeping.
If you think that it's a problem you should take him to the vet..
Make sure he has plenty of fresh water available
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@Onestarlitnight I give him fresh water. Unfortunately, he drinks it really fast. On the days he is really sick, the water makes it worse. I can't tell him to sip it like a human child, and it's hard for me to take it away. That only happens on really bad days in which he is sick until night time.

The vet said "I can see he's getting old" last time I took him. Now i can see his age. He's definitely more frail. I just want to help him, if I can. It's strange to me that it's in the mornings.
I adopted a stray when I was a kid, but don't have one as a pet yet. I do feed strays though, this one is the only one that will let me get close to him
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@TheManHimself You've earned his trust.
@TheManHimself Wild cats have a hard life!🥺
Try changing his food and the timing. It may have nothing to do with timing, but you need to figure out what the cause is. People that don't spend time and know nothing about his surroundings won't be able to pinpoint anything, you have to manipulate his surroundings until you figure it out.
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@UnderLockDown How can I do this? He has dry food now at all times in case he getz hungry. And, he has wet food fie breakfast and late dinner. He throws up (sometimes) about 7 or 8 am on a week day and today about 11 am (on a Saturday).
My dog does this if the gap between dinner and breakfast is too long. I moved breakfast time up a half hour and she's been good since.
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@SooperSarah Thank you! I'm definitely going to try that. 😁 I really hope it works.
@perceptivei I hope it works for you. Start with the easy fixes first and move on from there.
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@SooperSarah That's exactly what I want, because I know it's weird that it always happens in the morning. Bottom line, I feel like I could make some changes to help him. The vet doesn't really discuss those changes.
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
Hair ball? Check we with your vet
496sbc · 36-40, M
U definitely need to see a vet immediately do not wait !!!
Wiseacre · F
Ask doctor or google...
perceptivei · 31-35, F
@Wiseacre I just did.
Max41 · 26-30, M
Give it your flesh to eat .
It could be a hairball.

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