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a little bit off kilter and slightly jaded....
I Feel Guilty
I feel guilty. I just bought a new car!! It's fully loaded and got an amazing deal!! I feel guilty though bc I have a sister who has made some terrible life choices. Out of the 4 siblings I give her money when she needs it and send her clothes...
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41-45, F
15 replies
Jun 2, 2017
I Dislike Rude People
Seriously. If you come over to someone's house, bring a bottle of wine!! I'm not asking for a super nice bottle but bring something you wouldn't mind drinking instead of rolling in and drinking all of my wine. So annoyed!!
41-45, F
6 replies
Dec 18, 2016
I Dislike Poor Grammar and Text Speak
I really get annoyed when people write to me in text slang... It's annoying. Take the extra .00034 seconds to write out U or R or What about you (wbu)... so frustrating.
41-45, F
17 replies
Sep 9, 2016
I Am a Night Owl
i am a night owl...and a morning person... it sucks!
41-45, F
37 replies
May 7, 2016
I Am Single
ive been single for quite some time. i see the good and the bad... but sometimes the good isnt enough to over power the bad. but im not willing to settle just so i can say that im not single anymore... but some days...
41-45, F
31 replies
May 7, 2016
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