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18-21, FVIP
Wales, United Kingdom
Discussion, Private Chat, Friends, Stories, Learning, Look Around
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I am Blodyn. I live on a farm near Swansea.
About Me
I Keep the Sabbath
I make sure everything is done on Saturday. Preparing for the Sabbath.
18-21, FVIP
+ 0 2 replies 4 views 1 hr ago |
I Love Sundays
End of the Week
It's been busy. I have been doing college work. We have holidays right now but I do as much as I can before I go back because once we are back there is zero time. I have been researching tiles from the middle ages. This is the one that has inspi...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 4 0 replies 11 views 6 hrs ago |
I Love Fridays
Afternoon Tea No Thanks
I searched Good Afternoon but there are no groups. This is the closest. If only I knew how to make a new group. I just wanted to say Hi to everyone.
18-21, FVIP
+ 4 14 replies 16 views 6 hrs ago |
I Like Afternoon Tea
I love to Wear a Summer Dress
Mostly at school I wear a skirt, shirt and cardigan. But just occasionally I wear a dress. Like on the Sabbath. But I am very fussy. I look at the dresses in Tesco. I saw one the pattern I liked it but the hem at the front was higher than the back. A...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 0 4 replies 13 views 4 days ago |
I Love Summer Dresses
I Miss Going to the Beach
I am the second youngest of six kids. Until last summer we spent all summer on the beach at Cefn Sidan. Just go on our bikes through the forest and stay all day. Playing rounders. We just took a tennis ball and used driftwood for a bat and for bases....
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18-21, FVIP
+ 0 0 replies 5 views 4 days ago |
I Beach
It's my Summer Holidays
It's really weird. The last post in this group was mine three years ago. I was just about to start college. And I was really nervous. I been in college three years now and I never want to leave. Three years ago it was just being in college all d...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 1 0 replies 3 views 4 days ago |
I Am On My Summer Holidays
We have loads of it.
It has been quite cold this last weekend. The wind coming in off the sea. But this evening is nice. It's sunny and calm. But I heard the rain is back tomorrow. My Geography teacher at school always said we don't have a climate. Just weather...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 0 0 replies 0 views 4 days ago |
I Love Rain
What happened to chatting
Is it just we're zooming? What happened to plain old texting? Where you can think what you want to say before you say it.
18-21, FVIP
+ 1 2 replies 1 views 4 days ago |
I Chat
Alone in a Crowd
I am fifth of six children. Loads of people around. Yet I feel lonely.
18-21, FVIP
+ 3 2 replies 6 views 4 days ago |
I Am Alone
It's Where I Grew Up
We finished school two weeks ago. I have had time to think. And I am thinking about how I grew up on the railway. How we used to rush out to the garden fence to see the train go up to the pit in Gwaun Cae Gurwen. And my summer holidays playing on t...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 2 0 replies 7 views 4 days ago |
I Love Railways
Going Back to School
I worked in a school for 22 weeks and the kids had parents in the hospital. We re-opened the school for everyone for three weeks before the summer holidays. In four weeks time everyone starts the new term. Is it too early? We are way behind England a...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 1 5 replies 9 views 4 days ago |
I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19
It's August.
Let's all be happy for one day. It's Summer here in Wales. Winter in Patagonia and other Welsh speaking places south of the line. I have a load of problems. Let's deal with them tomorrow.
18-21, FVIP
+ 2 0 replies 3 views 4 days ago |
I Love Summer
I have an Insulin Pump
It's great but right now I am going hypo such a lot. And we only get appointments with the doctor by phone. I think being hypo and passing away in my sleep would be a rather nice way to go.
18-21, FVIP
+ 0 5 replies 4 views 4 days ago |
I Am a Diabetic On An Insulin Pump
I love the Summer Holidays
I'm sure that girl was here when it was ep. But I really do love going down the beach all day long with my brother and sisters and now with their kids. We play rounders with bits of drift wood for a bat and bases. We only ever bring a tennis bal...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 0 0 replies 5 views 4 days ago |
I Love Summer
I Am Diabetic
There is no group for me. I am diabetic and I'm hypo right now.
18-21, FVIP
+ 0 0 replies 1 views 4 days ago |
I Am Not Diabetic
Good Morning
It's the first week of August. We already had two weeks of our summer holiday. And I haven't really used them properly to begin my Third Year work. Time goes so fast. I need to get in working mode. Today. Or maybe tomorrow.
18-21, FVIP
+ 1 6 replies 8 views 4 days ago |
I Good Morning
It's Very Quiet
It's 6.18. And it's really quiet. Europe isn't up. America still asleep. Australia busy getting supper. I like quiet but I also like when it's busy. It's August and we have no college. Usually a welcome break. But what will ...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 2 8 replies 6 views 4 days ago |
I Like Quiet
August is a strange month
I never know whether August is Summer or Autumn. The nights are drawing in. It can be quite cold but it can be quite hot. The sheep don't need much attention. This morning I just took this pic. It's 6 o'clock. The valleys are full of m...
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18-21, FVIP
+ 1 0 replies 5 views 4 days ago |
I Love August
I want to visit British Columbia
A lot of us have been left unable to worship. I came across a church in Chilliwack and they broadcast their services. I love to listen to the Thursday evening service. It's at 3.30 Friday morning. I set my alarm at 3.15 and make a cup of tea.
18-21, FVIP
+ 1 2 replies 2 views 4 days ago |
I Think British Columbia Is Beautiful
I agree. So much are.
Got to get up early to look after the sheep.
18-21, FVIP
+ 0 2 replies 4 views 4 days ago |
I Think Sunday Nights Are Boring If Youre On Youre Own
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