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I Hate My Past

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I Hate My Past
I wanted you to stay. I was scared and too young to be on my own, but you left me dad. You picked up everything with promises that you would be back soon when I was twelve. When my mother told me that you werent coming back I didn't truly believ...
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22-25, F
+ 2 3 replies 23 views Mar 12, 2018 |
I Hate My Past
It's not such a big thing, but my old classmates always bring up things I used to do or when sometimes I did something wrong. That's why I was so happy when I changed school, I don't have to see them again.
18-21, M
+ 0 0 replies 0 views Jun 18, 2015 |
I Hate My Past
I hate it but i'm glad i went through it. I would have never been the kind of person i am today.
18-21, M
+ 0 2 replies 0 views Mar 25, 2014 |
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I Hate My Past
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