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I Love Text Messaging

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I Love Text Messaging
So many people heart here. Why don’t you message boys and girls. Get the world talking.
+ 9 12 replies 18 views Feb 28, 2020 |
I Love Text Messaging
I can't decide which I like better: texting or facebook messenger? email is fun too. Has anyone shared their # to txt ppl here?
36-40, F
+ 6 8 replies 31 views Jun 4, 2019 |
I Love Text Messaging
Anyone wanna text lol
18-21, F
+ 0 2 replies 9 views Mar 4, 2018 |
I Love Text Messaging
It’s so much easier than calling and you can be talking to someone and like if you are busy you can redoing whenever and just pick the convo back up
18-21, F
+ 4 3 replies 6 views Jan 6, 2018 |
I Love Text Messaging
It’s so nice receiving texts like this. 😄
18-21, F
+ 4 7 replies 86 views Oct 10, 2017 |
I Love Text Messaging
Some random number texted me, now we're playing 20 questions and are good friends. Thank you for typing in the wrong number, stranger.
22-25, F
+ 17 2 replies 15 views Jan 4, 2017 |
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I Love Text Messaging
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