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I Am Misunderstood

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Thank goodness I have me to laugh at my own jokes!
SW User
5 replies
Mar 27, 2019
My bf works in another country... 15 mins I didn't keep in contact with his family while he was away for the past two months, and they mentioned that to him. my bf is visiting soon n throwing my bday party w his folks, and friends (who...
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31-35, F
3 replies
Nov 22, 2018
I feel like I am very misunderstood, because I let who I am be seen, I let what I feel be said, and I let what happens happen. I feel as though I am seen as naive, and unknowing. But I think people misunderstand me.
31-35, F
0 replies
Nov 13, 2017
People often tell me things like, "You're a nice guy." "You're so easygoing" "You're honest about who you are." Really I'm a neurotic mess filled with anxieties and I want to die.. but they don'...
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31-35, M
7 replies
Apr 13, 2017
My whole family misunderstands me. It has not been easy to say the least. They take out all their stress on me. I ask for a little bit of help with something and paying them back and they scream and get in my face. But they always give my brother the...
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22-25, F
2 replies
Jul 8, 2016
Typical Misunderstood Teenage Girl...... It really sucks. All I want to have is someone who understands what Im going through.. I feel like all my attemps at anything is misunderstood for something mean and nasty. People consta...
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22-25, F
1 reply
Jul 25, 2012
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I Am Misunderstood
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