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I Like a Clean House, But I Hate to Clean

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Can anyone tell me how to get rid of black mould on bathroom tiles?? 馃槱
26-30, F
21 replies
Jan 12, 2019
Some kind of explosive. 馃
Off the grout it鈥檚 near impossible try scrubbing it with a brush and some cleaner will remove some just not all
annamk26-30, F
[@487324,Tonydang] Yeah, that's what I'm finding... 馃槗
The only way is someone digging out the grout and re grouting not very expensive the reason it happens is people don鈥檛 realise that they need to spray a sealer on the tiles about once a year
Stops the mould from appearing
RyanUK26-30, M
Cillit Bang bleach and hygiene. It works wonders. I had a wall in my flat that was covered in black mould and it got the lot off
annamk26-30, F
[@336992,Ryanwearsthongs] I literally have 'Cilit Bang black mould remover' ('100% effective!') but it has hardly done anything. I might just move. lol
RyanUK26-30, M
[@873896,annamk] honestly the Cillit Bang bleach and hygiene works. I tried the Cillit Bang mould remover and it did nothing but the bleach and hygiene got the lot off in one go
PDaddy56-60, M
Bleach to kill the mold. Be cautious too. I was cleaning some in a kitchen and it got airborne and my hands and face swelled. I almost couldn鈥檛 breathe it got so bad.
Mix bleach and and vinegar and spray I only and let it sit for awhile. Works like a champ. I know people who have used it under their houses to remove large amounts of black mold from wooden beams so tile should be easy as hell
Jackaloftheazuresand22-25, M
A steady stream of 121 degree water
Goralski51-55, M
Put peanut butter on tile d cat will lick it off
SW User
Just scrape off and put a fresh layer down
Greenbare70-79, M
Most hardware stores in the US sell a product called X-14. Its like laundry bleach but 3 times as concentrated. Spray some on the black mold and it will 1. die, and 2. vanish.
SW User
I forget the name of it but you can get a bottle in home bargains, ita mould remover in a black spray bottle. Spray it on the tiles leave for 30mins give the tougher stains a rub down and then rinse off. Worked wonders for me.

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I Like a Clean House, But I Hate to Clean
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Can anyone tell me how to get rid of black mould o... | I Like a Clean House, But I Hate to Clean | Similar Worlds