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Do you ever like someone’s real life personality but hate their texting personality..

Every time my friends pull that “k” bullshit I get homicidal 🥲
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Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
No, lol I think I've always found the opposite..

I used to have an ex who hated me saying 'k' - so I did it all the more :P
Gaiia · F
Well they kind of better irl but still not that great 😆
HannahSky · F
There's someone who uses !!! way too much and I hate reading the texts. Luckily it's not often they text me.
Freeranger · M
I need to ask this, but wouldn't I need to have met them in real life to have aided the making of the comparison?
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
I'm sure the fact that my texting personality is as verbose as my real life personality drives some people crazy.
Carazaa · F
[quote][b]love you going to beach
I don't like poor grammar or [i]no[/i] punctuation! I don't know if they are asking a question or making a statement? Is this person asking if I want to go to the beach? Or asking if I am going to the beach with my friends? Or is he going to the beach himself and just letting me know that? Or is he asking me is its ok if he goes to the beach for a few hours, ugh?

So I would have to ask is that a question or what? He'd say

[quote][b]"ya"[/b][/quote]. And I would have to ask again what are you asking me then?

Poor communication, a deal breaker for me.
It doesn't bother me

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