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This is your messiah, the one you choose.

If the love of money is the root of all evil.. then the richest people embody all the darkness.
TheOneyouwerewarnedabout · 41-45, M Best Comment
He’s not the messiah.. he’s a very naughty boy
[@400392,Oster1] the guy who sells anti virus also creates the virus..
Kinda like Covid .. same bloke.. new decade..
Oster1 · M
This is so true and it’s always “back door entry” problems, always. We were just naive, years ago. I never trusted anti virus software because they were always malware. I do like John McAfee as a person and he was a pioneer of it. He is also very anti establishment and a renegade wild man! We both went to the same Alma mater. 😊[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout]
Microsoft employs software developers who are given unrealistic time tables to roll out product that is full of holes. So they then get fired for a faulty product that never should of went to market due to the unrealistic time table and then black listed. Jobless, they seek revenge by creating viruses that exploit the very holes their own work often still has! [@400392,Oster1]

4meAndyou · F
I did not like this video because it very obviously cut out at crucial places, to try to make it seem worse than it is. The hokey slowed down voice was also cherry picked to repeat things taken out of context... much like the fake news still does with conservative politicians. Anything that is so obviously cherry picked is suspect, IMO. And I am a conservative. Not a globalist.

Bill Gates has been trying to develop fake chicken and fake burgers that taste exactly like real meat for a very long time, and he may have succeeded with the burger. Not because he wants to kill all cows, but, (ostensibly), because you can feed one person for one year with one acre of land if they eat a vegetarian diet. The planet earth contains 7.9 billion acres of arable land.

Today, this very day, in the year 2021, the world population is 7.9 billion people. We are standing right at the edge of the precipice this very moment.

You can argue the motivation all day long, but it's going to be better for the population everywhere to be able to eat...and eat things that taste like the foods they recognize. I am quite sure Gates will profit off the fake meat. I don't care if he makes money. That part of what he is doing is useful.

It's not going to smack us all in the forehead at the same time...(I want to use the word "gobsmacked")...because people who are reasonably well to do will simply notice their bills going up. Food will cost more and more. Those who live hand to mouth, even in the United States, will notice it much more quickly.

What is upsetting is that it is Africa which draws his attention for planned parenthood style birth control. But he really needn't worry. China has already taken over a good chunk of Africa, and they will just kidnap the women and cart them off for forced abortions as they did to their own population.
Anybody that listens to anybody that does not hold a degree in medicine or science is a fool.
Anybody that comments on a famous name instead of a person with a scientific background WITH a corresponding job in the field is hopeless.
Exactly...BG is not a scientist, he has no scientific or medical background yet he supported making a depopulation vaccine...
He has been heard to speak of depopulation like Scrooge "If they would rather die,' said Scrooge, 'they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population". No difference.
Penny · F
idk Bill gates seems like a philanthropist to me.
[@1199560,Jdanielb][quote] I must conclude they want my life if they want my freedom.[/quote] That's the bottom line. It's not our freedoms but what our freedoms symbolize; power to govern ourselves and that's a "no-no" to tyrants. I agree...
[@533101,Penny] you know
. You said taxes go towards the well being of everyone..

Do you really believe that? Because I assure you if I was in the White House for 6months to a year.. you wouldn't be stepping over homeless people, and people wouldn't be in debt... just saying.. if they wanted to help us in govt.. they could have helped us.
Penny · F
[@1199560,Jdanielb] i suppose thats true they could probably do better
I heard about their stance and plans but I had not seen it for myself and heard it from "the horse's mouth". Thanks for posting. Something we don't want to see, but really NEED to see.
[@1192954,MsAlaineEYes] well.. thank your self for that one..

Mewe led me there
[@1199560,Jdanielb] You'll find what you need on MeWe. I'll send you my MeWe and we can connect there, if you like.
[@1192954,MsAlaineEYes] sure.. sounds delightful..
Oster1 · M
That is one evil man.
[@400392,Oster1] your entitled to that belief and you have to accept where it leads..

Time will tell.. I just chunk seeds out there.. if people want to change they do , if they dont, they dont..
[@400392,Oster1] I believe in service to Humanity; and as we look deeper into actions (all of them, not just the ones that the poor seem to be benefiting from), we might be able to see that "money is the root of all evil". Money is power. Those with "feelings of responsibility" for the betterment of Humankind (Baha'i phrase) can choose to serve with a whole heart, with integrity, respect and love for their fellow man...and then there are those who speak of "depopulation". I know a few REAL Philanthropists. imho, a TRUE Philanthropist does not have BG's plans for society and assists in creating a vaccine, under the guise of saving lives...must see below the surface on this one.
Oster1 · M
I could not agree more. I am no fan of Bill Gates. I really was not intentionally thinking of him. I only wrote from my own life experiences. I hope you have a very lovely weekend.😊🌺[@1192954,MsAlaineEYes]
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
[jdanielb] by what you are talking about you would almost think you where talking about donald j trump , as he appears to have all the attributes you describe . a messiah to his cultist base
I honestly believe, population control is one of the functions of the Covid-19 vaccines.
I guess, in time, we'll see.
[@176592,PhoenixPhail] yeah.. I'm not able to draw a different conclusion than that myself.

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