I Am Disgusted By The Evil In This World
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I wonder if most companies are starting to realize what a mistake it was to treat employees liike theyr're disposable?

In my working years most companies have treated employees as disposable because they knew people were easy to replace, but now the tables are turned and it's the employees who have more of the upper hand. Employees don't have to put up with crap as much because they are not nearly as easy to replace. Now employers are more desperate.
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Doomflower · 36-40, F
Now they are calling people lazy saying no one wants to work when they aren't willing to pay people fairly for their time.
Cloud7593 · 46-50, F
[@85866,Doomflower] That's for dang sure. A lot of companies don't deserve good employees. L
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
In a few weeks people will be dying looking for jobs. Employers need to hang on and then hire these people for as little possible.
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] You’re right, lol. They feel they are entitled to a lot of things so I can’t take them seriously.
Narwhal · 26-30, F
[@11509,Keepitsimple] They shouldn't be paid top dollar, but they should be paid enough to live and justify selling their time, otherwise they just aren't going to work. We can moralize and say they're lazy all we want, but if they feel they could spend their time better elsewhere, they are going to do that. That's human nature. They are going to do the thing that is best for their own survival. They don't care if you or some prospective boss call them "lazy" anymore than business owners do when they get called "greedy."

The problem is that they simply aren't going to go to a difficult, thankless job that doesn't allow them to at least break even every month, because then what's the point? Even if we take gov't assistance out of the picture, what is the point of a single mother going to a job as a cook that pays $10/hr when childcare costs $15/hr?
Cloud7593 · 46-50, F
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] I work in a thrift store and see this all the time.
jackieash · 22-25
Without good employees your business is nothing. And you only get good employees when you're a person people like working with or for.
Signals · M
Interesting you bring this up as we’ve been asked by senior staff executive management to decide what heads to chop.
We’re already dangerously lean from last years staff reductions.
Executive managements arrogance is beyond sickening.
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
{@cloud7593] you really think so then
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
i'm seeing the same. people being fired for petty things now companies are paying three times to hire travel agencies. KARMAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Cloud7593 · 46-50, F
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] Yeah these companies are paying for how they treated hard working people.
Barebum61 · 56-60, M
I glad you think that way ,but I disagree,employers don't give a shit
Cloud7593 · 46-50, F
[@562276,Barebum61] Ya most employers don't give a crap and then wonder why employees are not loyal and don't want to work hard.

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