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I Love Bacon

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no bacon? 😯😯😯
You forgot the bacon? You shall be punished.😡
41-45, M
+ 3 4 replies 11 views Jul 30, 2020 |
I Love Bacon
Sea bacon? Hmmm...evil is afoot...🤔
SW User
+ 1 0 replies 1 views Nov 15, 2019 |
I Love Bacon
For real, though. 🥓
46-50, F
+ 6 10 replies 36 views Mar 5, 2018 |
I Love Bacon
How does one forget to put bacon on a sandwich I just ordered?? I won't say anything! I just don't get it!lol!
56-60, M
+ 9 54 replies 42 views Oct 11, 2017 |
I Love Bacon
the english kind. not that fake american stuff, haha :)
+ 20 22 replies 40 views May 1, 2017 |
I Love Bacon
I went to a Bacon Fest and for my first time, I had a lot of fun! I enjoyed the bacon but I also enjoyed all the games, contests, country bands, and karaoke there. Some people dressed as bacon and others had bacon painted on their faces. There were b...
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26-30, F
+ 0 5 replies 0 views Mar 26, 2016 |
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I Love Bacon
For all Lovers of Bacon~!
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