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Trump:.Intel Will Invest $7 Billion in Chip Factory in Arizona
Brings 3,000 new jobs for the state of Arizona!.. 馃憤
41-45, M
57 replies
Feb 8, 2017
The left sick of winning yet ?馃槂馃憤
strongbow41-45, M
Im guessin their gettin sicker by the day with The Donalds accomplishments!..馃槄
This message was deleted by its author.
OggggO31-35, M

Pirate22-25, M
Don't forget the hundreds of millions the CEO and top will collect while giving the workers some small share. The workers never win in business
Pirate22-25, M
Business never give workers most of the revenue. The gains are spent on first paying the top, then maintaining the facility and workers

Economics and business take you a long way
questionWeaver56-60, M
Payroll for factories far exceed manager and Director saleries.

How would you do it?
Budwick61-69, M
[@10013,EatingCereal] You have to actually be qualified and accept the job before you are paid.
OceanKayak26-30, M
How much will the factory workers earn?
OceanKayak26-30, M
Oh and where exactly in Arizona is this factory gonna be built?
strongbow41-45, M
Krzanich said that the Chandler facility, named Fab 42, would employ about 3,000 people at its peak in "high-tech, high-wage jobs."...

another loss for the libtards馃槄
OceanKayak26-30, M
@strongbow: That's great! Why would it be a loss for anyone?
IchBin218-21, M
Cool. Now Mexicans can use lasers to etch the silicon wafers instead of the Chinese. Whoopity fucking doo!
Bet those jobs are only for white straight males tho
strongbow41-45, M
I dont do KIK you old fart..geezuz
@strongbow: you have sc?
And why call someone that. Even if I am a fake why would you say that? You are a horrible person you pos
Budwick61-69, M
[@425968,DeletedAccount00] I see your account has been deleted - for real!
questionWeaver56-60, M
Good to see
That's good news! Hope it happens this time, folks could use the work. This has been going on since 2012 I think.
SimplyTracie22-25, F
[@323400,doctorlove] Doesn鈥檛 Intel have factories there already? Wouldn鈥檛 the jobs just move to the new facility?
SimplyTracie22-25, F
I think that's just a lot of BS
SimplyTracie22-25, F
Okay Thank you. You're good t explaining this. I appreciate your patience. 馃馃
questionWeaver56-60, M
@SimplyTracie: Tracie ... we invest BEFORE the numbers improve.

Yes, the business environment is much improved.

We had 5 projects on hold ... the biggest one was stopped completely.

I have been called on all of them ... everybody says the same thing "lets do it!"

Was called on the largest project ... and told .."the world has changed, we have investors interested"
questionWeaver56-60, M

Tminus645351-55, M
Yay! Minimum wage !

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