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How hard is it to develop a thriving relationship with your parents?
30 replies
May 23, 2020
Impossible with late Dad
Nanori · 26-30, F
It's impossible
[@934648,Nanori] I am trying to but everything seems to be messed up
BelovedTed · 46-50, M
What seems to be the problem?
StellasXOF · 36-40
Mine is fine .. it's my dad's birthday today and im going over to bake him a cake latter 🙂
[@209334,StellasXOF] you are the luckiest person alive
StellasXOF · 36-40
[@579570,darkknightt] why? 😅😅🙂
MonAmours · F
Took years for me personally. My parents couldn’t handle me growing up, teen years were heavy.

We’re close now 🖤
[@971552,MonAmours] I wish that for me too 🙁
Adstar · 51-55, M
If your parents establish that relationship with you as a Child it is as easy as drinking water that has been served up for you....

If your parents decide to prevent such a relationship developing between you and them when you are a Child..... Almost impossible..
Budwick · 61-69, M
No more difficult than developing a relationship with anyone else!

Show interest in the other person.
Talk to them, often.
Share your thoughts, listen to theirs.

Not rocket surgery! LOL
Budwick · 61-69, M
[@579570,darkknightt] Sorry about your Dad.
You said PARENTS in your opening statement.
There was no way to know.

So, work on the relationship with Mom.
Don't let her pass without having tried.
[@841775,Budwick] thanks, I am trying to be more patient with her
Silentspectator · 41-45, F
[@579570,darkknightt] 👍️
It wasn’t difficult at all, once I moved out and was no longer their dependent.
Silentspectator · 41-45, F
That's the only bond equivalent to that of our Creator, easiest of all.
Starsof6 · 26-30, F
Got to get along

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