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When is the worst time to go grocery shopping and why?
22-25, M
35 replies
Mar 15, 2019
Eve2019 · 31-35, C
When you don’t have money
beastmaster · 41-45, M
[@876164,annastasia] 🤣😂 Hilarious
Ineverclosedoors · 22-25, M
[@876164,annastasia] lmao!!
Eve2019 · 31-35, C
LostLissa · 31-35, F
After work. And Saturdays.
wildbill83 · 31-35, M
[@585989,Lissa] going grocery shopping on weekends is like going to the bank at 4-5pm on Friday... 🤔
LostLissa · 31-35, F
[@597698,wildbill83] yeah that sucks too
CountProgula · 36-40, M
When the produce section is on lockdown
WillaKissing · 51-55, T
The first through the fourth of any month 8 am to close.
Ineverclosedoors · 22-25, M
[@799841,WillaKissing] lmao!!
wildbill83 · 31-35, M
any time between 9am and 9pm...
Danez · M
late night when they are restocking because there are usually several other people with the same idea to shop at that time and only one check stand open.
When you are hungry. Unless you go to Sam's Club. Then you can have a nice lunch from all the samples they give away.
Ineverclosedoors · 22-25, M
[@824678,SniperMk1Mod0] lmfao!!
royalblue1193 · 26-30, M
When the new coupons go out
Eve2019 · 31-35, C
Coupons are for those who don’t have money [@526651,royalblue1193]
when you are hungry
Ineverclosedoors · 22-25, M
[@895648,ManIsEatingEarthUpLikeCandy] true.
indyjoe · 51-55, M
First of the month, payday weekends, when they're calling for bad weather (even if it's not that serious), and the day or so before a holiday.
wildbill83 · 31-35, M
[@676121,indyjoe] better stock up on milk sandwiches! 😅
indyjoe · 51-55, M
[@597698,wildbill83] You ain't kidding...😂
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