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What is your opinion on older women dating much younger men?
41-45, F
28 replies
Nov 6, 2019
They understand that younger men's dicks work better. Smart women.
LeggyOldWench · 46-50, F
[@505881,WonderingWhileWandering] love it!!!!
LeggyOldWench · 46-50, F
If it fits, there's nothing wrong with it
luctoretemergo · 56-60, M
I wish I was a much younger man cuz I’m all for it!!!!
BethA · F

Depends on how young
fortycreek · 51-55, M
each to there own,
Thomasparker45 · 18-21, M
Aslong as its legal there shouldnt be a problem, love is love
Aussie69 · 46-50, M
My first wife was 11yrs older, I had no issue with it.
I cnt talk about men but i do know older women knows very well how to melt a younger one .

Dedicated to all Older & Matured women.




When I hear You near me
When I feel You close to me.

When You do not say anything,
And we still communicate.

Those unsaid words...
That mean so much.

When I keep looking at You all the time
And You smile and frown at the same time.

When You smile with questioning eyes.
When we hold hands and sit for a while.

Lying on the bed locked in embrace.
My hands caressing Your beautiful face.

When time stands still,
When there are just You, Your desire and me.

When our heartbeats unite and our thoughts coincide.
When I Love You more than You do..
And You Love me more than I do.

When our Lips are sealed in a never ending kiss..
At that time my'll surely be absolute BLiss.
Snowvixen · 26-30, F
Kinda nasty when they are the same age as your adult children.😖😖😖
DisturbOne · 36-40, M
Cougar on the prowl. Animals need to hunt and feed .. it’s a hunger.. natural order
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