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Dear Fat people...
GO VEGAN! All plant based, whole rich organic foods... No calorie restrictions, no limitations... It's basically the lifestyle that Humans are meant to be on.
SW User
+ 5 48 replies 77 views Oct 31, 2016 |
MrSmooTh · 26-30, M
no thanks I'll enjoy my tasty burger
SW User
Yep ill enjoy my tasty burger as well...Ya know minus the saturated fat, hormones, carcass, bacteria, chicken feces, euthanized cats and dogs diabetes, clogged arteries inducing poison that you eat. Btw you only stomach that crap because you season it with PLANT BASED substances. I mean lets not act like you'll really eat a dead cow raw! Lmao silly rabbit tricks are for kids. You'll probably eat the rabbit too.
MrSmooTh · 26-30, M
Yes I'll make a stew out of old Peter Cottontail. You have a point though, I'll probably add in some peas and carrots.
Master1A · 61-69, M
@HarleyCity: Oh hell yes I have . knock off its horns wipe its ass and drag it past the fire. Suits me just fine. My steaks are so rare that with penicillin and some tender loving care they would survive.
KeasbeyNights · 26-30, M
Veganism is not inherently make a healthier diet. Carbs, man.
SW User
Yeh... I'm not a grazing animal.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Humans by nature are omnivores and meat in the diet is healthy.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
An even better test: Put a plate of vegetables and a raw steak in front of a baby lion and observe what it eats. It eats the steak because its a carnivore. Then do the same with a baby rabbit and watch it eat the vegetables because its a herbivore. Do the same with a baby pig and it will eat both because it is an omnivore. Do the same with a human and it will eat both because it is an omnivore. Herbivores get very ill very soon if they eat meat as do carnivores when they eat vegetables. Omnivores get nutrition from both meat and vegetables with out getting sick. If you accept the classification of life forms our nearest living relative the chimpanzee is also an omnivore.
SW User
@hippyjoe1955: Just because you CAN eat both does not mean were physiologically made to do it there are no health benefits from eating rotting animal flesh...The number one cause of death is heart Disease!followed by cancer then tobacco etc. You know why? Because all that crap youre getting from animal carcass isn't design to be in the human body, so humans develop all type of chronic illnesses due to consuming meat dairy and eggs, not to mention chemical pollution. So stop living In candyland and CARB THE FUCK UP.
Master1A · 61-69, M
@HarleyCity: Lol. you are a fanatic so there is no chance to make you see reason, but it is fun to wind you up and watch you blow.. LOL.
lucian · 22-25, M
not at all how humans are meant to eat actually we are not herbivores
AnukBinary · 36-40, M
Vegan is weak.. Go full Paleo Diet that's how humans were really ment to eat😎
SW User
Thats funny because I could have sworn there this bodybuilder who's a world champion btw, his name is Patrik Baboumian, and he's vegan, I'm pretty sure he's not weak.
Master1A · 61-69, M
@HarleyCity: animal steroids injections .. LOL.
My professor has been vegan for lord knows how many years and he's still extra-fluffy...
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
They can stink up a bathroom like nobody else too.
VeronicaPrincess · 56-60
No, humans are meant to be omnivorous - that's what makes a "balanced" diet of all food groups so important.
VeronicaPrincess · 56-60
No, we're omnivores. Like bears. A baby's first food is mother's milk - that's hardly vegan.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
@HarleyCity: "Physiologically if your jaw moves side to side in a grinding motion when you chew, you're 100% herbivore."

Nope. Physiologically our jaw, teeth, and mouth has been reduced in size and strength by millions of year of eating cooked meats. We no longer have the physical adaptations that other herbivore primates have. Our digestive system is also significantly shrunk as a percent of body mass.
SW User
@Greenwind: LMFAO! That seriously makes no damn sense! I want you to go to the bathroom look in the mirror and move your jaw side to side. Chew anything, and you can see how we are herbivores. We still have the same physical adaptations. You cook meat anyway, that makes you a fake Omnivore, you're not even a real Omnivore. Real Omnivores hunt and rip through the flesh, organs, blood, skin still in contact. You do not, you buy your little market pink grinded rubble, cook it until the pink is gone, then spice it up with plant based seasons; and let's not act like you eat vegetables too, I bet you rarely eat vegetables, so cut the bullshit.
Coppercoil · M
It's true. I'm not vegan, but I started eating a salad for lunch each day. I mean a 1.5 to 2 lb huge ass salad and Ive lost weught.. haha. And that's just lunch. If I went all veggie I have no doubt is lose all my extra weight in a year.. two max. And that's eating veggies Like a piggie.
SteelHands · 61-69, M
Mind your own diet.

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