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Do Americans ever get tired of arguing about Trump?

If he wins the next election will we argue daily still?
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Virgo7956-60, M
Oh I'd bet a pay check, no way they can get over it馃槀
MarkPaul22-25, M
The odds are in your favour.
I know I'm tired of hearing it all the time. Yes, if he wins the next election? We'll have to hear four more years of bullshit from the liberals.
daisymay46-50, T
[@527571,Rooster] Free speech for thee, but not for me, huh? Good luck with that. I'm sure you can find a more insulated echo chamber to keep you safe from reality.
Mulder36-40, M
It's pretty much the norm no matter who is in office one of the perks of the two party system
[@510099,Mulder] I agree!
Carla61-69, F
[@527571,Rooster] ROOSTER!!!!!
[@548295,Carla] Hello
There probably going to be hanging. Goes on any longer, the people鈥檚 legacy won鈥檛 be how great America is but how the whiny noise has destroyed the ecosystem
midnightsun22-25, M
They are just whiny
Mmagirl18-21, F
What's a trump?
luctoretemergo61-69, M
It's almost comical....the obsession w/the dislike, hate, etc.
To quote Dennis Miller "Obama was not exactly my cup of tea but I didn't put my life on hold because he was elected"....I mean, at some point, you gotta live right?...there's people who can't function because of him...which says more about them than you now who! I'll wait patiently for mean spirited replies! Great post!
[@910835,luctoretemergo] I think I knew how bad it was when a news anchor on CNN started choking up and crying a little bit when Hillary lost. She choked out, "I need some SPACE!!!"

It was then that I realized that we have raised one, possibly two generations who are so emotionally warped I wonder how they survive.
luctoretemergo61-69, M
This is just me being devils advocate but if you check our history the Democratic Congress has been obstructionist as well. It鈥檚 been tit for tat.
The system is broke...
Ok I gotta go
daisymay46-50, T
[@910835,luctoretemergo] [quote]It鈥檚 been tit for tat[/quote]

Not if you look at it honestly. Democrats have pushed for many bi-partisan solutions that don't get brought to the floor when the GOP is in control.
Harriet0341-45, F
[image deleted]
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
[@18451,coolhandpeza] Cohen? Yeah I imagine he would. You feeling bad for him or something?
RodionRomanovitch56-60, M
[@622788,SumKindaMunster] No silly , I'm talking about Unindicted Co-Conspirator No1 aka President Dumbfuck McOrange.

Clear now ?
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
[@18451,coolhandpeza] Ah yes, I should have guessed. I think its sweet that you are concerned about the Presidents feelings considering some of your other comments about him. I'm sure he appreciates your concern.
If he wins ( what I think he will ) people are going to ape shit
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
Apparently we do not.

Oh yeah, expect a lot of arguing if he wins 2020. Probably riots and protests as well.
[@622788,SumKindaMunster] I foresee the riots. I think everyone on both sides is worked up enough to do some harm, and I think the party that wins the white house had better have plans all worked out in advance to notify the governors of every state to have the police on standby with riot gear ready.
Budwick70-79, M
[@387713,4meandyou] I'm stocking on cheap Chinese bubbles to hand out to democrats.
[@841775,Budwick] Now,now. You know those Chinese bubbles are shoddily made, and will, most likely...BURST! At least...we can all hope they will...馃槀
smileylovesgaming26-30, F
Just tired of all the Trump post
daisymay46-50, T
[@576182,Starsof6] If only there were a way to stop reading them or participating in them 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
RodionRomanovitch56-60, M
There is no argument , his presidency is an absolute clusterfuck.
daisymay46-50, T
[@841775,Budwick] [quote]You've made a claim that he's not the most productive.[/quote]

Where did I do that, liar? Quote me.

You made the claim, prove the claim.
Budwick70-79, M
[@773866,daisymay] I did bitch.
Shut up - sit down.
daisymay46-50, T
[@841775,Budwick] Any rational observer will note that you did not, in fact, prove your claim. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
beckyromero31-35, F
Sure. About the weather.
We Americans argue daily about all of our leaders, present and past, and whoever wins in 2020; the arguing will go on. Better to argue and express yourself than be silent, as that can easily be misconstrued as capitulation.
[@822235,soar2newhighs] I agree. Isn't our right to free speech awesome? We are so lucky here...even if the things we say are super annoying, we can't be jailed for speaking.
badminton61-69, MVIP
Having a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder as president is something of an embarrassment.
FreeSpirit146-50, F
It's getting to be like crazy people yelling at the weather.
And no they wont get tired of it,
Graylight46-50, F
No, because it's not arguing. To some it's just a pastime, but to many its about targeting problems, finding solutions and protecting what we fundamentally value about America. There's no expiration date on that.
autumn2526-30, F
I think most Americans are tired of hearing Trump speak. A lot of what he been saying is just batshit rhetoric and empty threats.

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