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Rap, Rock'n roll - Music?

I hope it's OK to start my post by quoting others from a different thread.

[@383312,Jimmy2016] [quote]Rap isn't music [/quote][@328496,bijouxbroussard] [quote]Old people originally said that about rock and roll, too.[/quote]

They (we!) were right about a lot of it and still are 馃榾. Some of it doesn't seem so bad in hindsight because now there's a lot of stuff that's so much worse. Depends a bit on how you define Rock & Roll, or even just 'music'.

Although it could be music that you like, it's very often spoiled by the sound board guy or engineers who think you need to have the bass & percussion instruments louder than all else; and that what used to be called a singer's accompaniment should be the main event, so the instrumentals get super-amped and the vocalist is partly drowned out with lyrics mostly lost.

Music can have melody, harmony and disharmony, simplicity or complexity, beat; variations in rhythm & volume. It can be calming, exciting or inspiring. It can have a message too. I suppose 'rap' is meant to have a message but I can seldom make it out. If it has none of those other attributes I think calling it music is preposterous.
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Rap is music! Its kinda arrogant to say something isnt music cuz you dont like or understand it :| like is jazz not music cuz some peeps dont like it?
Really80-89, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] [quote]chauvinism:Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind. Or in this case, music. Does that clarify my meaning ?[/quote]
It clarifies your meaning but not its relevance here. Superiority is a concept you are introducing. I don't think it's been been claimed before on this thread; certainly not by me.
[@568940,Really] You don鈥檛 think so ? You don鈥檛 see where dismissing someone else鈥檚 music as not even music because it conform to your standards is arrogance ? And I can鈥檛 claim to know your motives (which is why I conceded [quote] Whether you mean it to or not,[/quote]), but of course on some level there鈥檚 an element of superiority. To be classified as music (art, dance, poetry, etc.) it has to fit within the parameters that you and your ilk use to define those things. Otherwise, it鈥檚 not.
Really80-89, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Whatever you say....馃槩
ElSenordeLosCielos22-25, F
There are many talented rappers if you actually care enough to listen lol

ElSenordeLosCielos22-25, F
Rap hurts my ears.
SW User
I'm okay with rap as long as I don't have to ever hear it. I also feel this way about yodeling, polka, opera, hyper-punk and death metal.
[@1183899,Nightly] Wow.
[@1183899,Nightly] I agree with you on all you listed.
dubkebab51-55, M
[@17829,TryingtoLava] I shook hands with KRS and he autographed my flier.swoon!
[@398659,dubkebab] i met Nas :) he autographed my shirt!
Really80-89, M
[@398659,dubkebab] Which of Elvis performances are you talking about? And why do you see liking any of his music (I don't think he 'rapped?) become a matter of right & wrong?
Really80-89, M
Hey, I like yodelling in most cases; and Oh, those Alp horns - especially in harmonised duet.
dubkebab51-55, M
[@568940,Really] Alpenhorns are amazing! -one of my most prized 45's is this gem by Yodellin' Slim Clark-
so there's often common ground in this round world of ours...
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
This is like being a steak snob:/
Really80-89, M
Some stuff I like & keep going back to....

Dvorak Symph #9 (Cond. Silvestri)
Creedence Clearwater: Dark Moon Rising
Green fields of France, several versions. Love all Eric Bogle's work.
Rachmaninoff Pno Conc #2
Dylan Thomas: Child's Christmas in Wales (Not 'music'.)
Johnny Rivers: Memphis Tennessee
Canadian Brass: Boy Mozart
Horowitz: Standchen (Liszt)
John Bayless: Bach Meets the Beatles
Frederick Forsyth: The shepherd, read by Alan Maitland on CBC (not 'music'.)
Dankworth & Laine: Turkish delight - amazing!
Mahler: Adagietto from symph #5
Getz and the Gilbertos: Girl fromm Ipanema.
Barber's Adagio
Bunk Johnson - Tishomingo Blues (and lots of other 'trad' jazz)
Jake Thackray: The Cactus - and almost everything else he recorded.

OK thyat's enough.
Really80-89, M
Rpeating from the opening of my original post: [i]Depends a bit on how you define Rock & Roll, or even just 'music'.[/i]
DestroyerOfIdeologies22-25, M
I think a lot of people are disturbed by the origins of rap, and even today, of the disturbing lyrics and sh**** attitude that goes with them.

Personally I don't listen to it much these days, cept when I'm dancing on night clubs, which haven't been since covid.

I'm not here to say whether it's music or not. There are some songs that are fun. But those who defend it often seem to pretend the verbal abuse, especially towards women, don't exist.
dubkebab51-55, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Truth,Bijoux, school 'em!
And we can follow that lineage deeper into work songs,counting the dozens and inevitably back to African griots...
DestroyerOfIdeologies22-25, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] We can debate it's origins (there was in a documentary even a rapper known from the 80s, perhaps he was even part of The Sugarhill Gang who said rap will always be the bastard son of disco) but in practice there's a lot of verbal abuse. And you can find them from famous groups: Wutang, Digital Underground (Tupac's crew, who helped him shoot to stardom), Luniz (yeah they got 5 on it, they major foul mouths too), Too Short, NWA, Beastie Boys and so on, to the break of dawn. Yeah there's some who have tried to keep it clean. Like MC Hammer, but what did the other rappers do? call him a sell out. Even with the Sugarhill Gang calling Superman a fairy was crass.

Hamilton probably gave it it's biggest PR boost. It is now become part of a famous musical. I like Lin-Manuel Miranda by the way. He's a pretty cool guy.
[@971824,DestroyerOfIdeologies] That just means [b]he[/b] didn鈥檛 know about groups like The Last Poets, whose work is acknowledged as a precursor to a lot of political rap. And I鈥檓 not really debating, I was there and remember its evolution into 鈥渕odern鈥 times.
Sadly, there are also contemporary black artists who don鈥檛 acknowledge all the other genres that came from our community. They think it all began with rap. That is [b]their[/b] ignorance, unfortunately.

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