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Jake966 · 51-55, M
The democrats need it
MasterLee · 51-55, M
[@356705,Jake966] standard democrat voting practice.
Jake966 · 51-55, M
[@9463,MasterLee] to cheat that bad ? And that’s ok ?
MasterLee · 51-55, M
[@356705,Jake966] not ok at all.

Abstraction · 56-60, M Best Comment
What's doing my head in is that so many people don't recognise what really happened and what's at stake. And that so many sitting republicans are still maintaining 'voter fraud' - which is itself a massive, fraudulent deception of the American people. And refusing to acknowledge what Trump has done. Then they want to politicise their way out of an insurrection. Such people would take the oath of fealty and break it tomorrow. Fruitless exercise.

I think the republicans need a massive reform. I think they need to draw up a new charter of who they are in 21st century. Groups like the Lincoln Project represent the traditional values of the republican party in a contemporary setting. The party needs to elect leaders of integrity and set some values and standards that people can believe in, hand on heart. They need to shed the hate and twisting of truth and stand for something. Excuse my blasphemy but they need a Kamala Harris/ OAC type leadership who can appeal to and inspire the next generation - but obviously with different views. They need to be an opposition that acts with the new integrity and respect, yet rigorously debate and present their views, so that people can see how democracy is supposed to work.
Abstraction · 56-60, M
[@66493,Heartlander] Ok, let me feed back to you what you just said:
[quote]From what I could find... court rulings were based on timing, meaning that Trump's suits about the process should have been filed and resolved prior to the elections and not after the elections.[/quote]
1. People should file court cases prior to a crime being committed? I don't know who made that suggestion to you, but it doesn't sound like they are very knowledgeable. That's nonsensical.
2. Trump had access to the best lawyers in the land who filed 62 legal cases and lost every one (except one on 3 days to cure ballots) because they didn't know the law and made technical errors? 61 times? A first year graduate lawyer would be torn to shreds by their firm for these kind of errors. It's simply not credible. You have to recall too, that some of the judges were appointed by Trump - clearly not Democrat stooges.
[quote]Finding a link to the wordings of actual court rulings seems to be a game of hide-and-seek[/quote]
3. I'm not from the USA but I found them in 5 minutes on the state supreme court websites. I started with wikipedia and looked for their references. The ones I looked at are consistent with the way they were reported. Mostly they were thrown out as baseless claims.
[quote]As I recall the 2016 election, team Clinton was busy until the day before the electoral college voted, trying to convince members of the electoral college that they didn't have to vote the way their state populace voted. Politicians, whether Republican or Democrat have attempted to upend the results of elections since the beginning of the republic.[/quote]
4. I'm not democrat, so I criticise them for wrongdoing as well. The 'faithless electors' on both sides in 2016 election shows a real flaw with the electoral college system. Appalling.
[quote]Why don't we have near flawless election systems with accuracies that compare to how banks account for deposits and withdrawals?[/quote]
5. Well the evidence, backed by the courts, is that it was pretty close to very accurate. And that even republican sympathetic election officials and state politicians checked and rechecked and defended the results.
However, I totally agree with you that many politicians lack integrity and gerrymanders are a good indication of that.
[@9463,MasterLee] That makes no sense. How could there be any democracy if there were no alternative party to vote for?
MasterLee · 51-55, M
[@384528,TabbyReader] there will be
MarineBob · 56-60, M
Why not do it for all politicians
MasterLee · 51-55, M
[@384528,TabbyReader] the democrats are desperate
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
[@384528,TabbyReader] LOL, got your FISA warrants handy?
Heartlander · 70-79, M
[@384528,TabbyReader] The vast majority of members of the press are registered Democrats. Leadership and key personalities for most of the information and entertainment networks routinely serve within Democrat administrations.

Should they all be likewise put on probation for a year and made to pass an attitude test before employment by the various media networks?
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Trouble is you'd need the grandees to agree to operate by the same standards.......
[@448576,Picklebobble2] Yes, exactly.
My suggestion includes [i]all[/i] members irrespective of their positions and roles.
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
[@384528,TabbyReader] It'll [i]never[/i] happen !
MasterLee · 51-55, M
After the democrats expel their own insurrectionists. Lets start with them.

Anyone who supported blm/antifa, who placated them, and participated in these impeachment shams.

They all took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. The biggest violators are on the democrat side.
[@9463,MasterLee] I take it you stand on the far right and that you approve of the invasion of the capitol.
Is that correct?

Please take note of the precise wording of my questions.
I include [i]all[/i] members, including the rank and file in the grass roots, irrespective of role or position.

By definition, impeachment is not insurrection. It is a legal process.

BLM and Antifa have different methods and strategies.

3% of the protests against racism erupted into violence and that violence cannot be condoned. Those who were caught on camera committing public damage have been arrested and convicted.
97% of the marches were 100% peaceful.
Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M
The next GOP convention...
[@946009,Quetzalcoatlus] Ha ha ha!
Yes, it will probably look like a heady version of the same.
TinyViolins · 31-35, M
I saw this video today that I think answers the question for me

[@954098,TinyViolins] Thank you! :)
That was an exceptionally intelligent analysis.
I hope everyone interested in politics watches it.
TinyViolins · 31-35, M
[@384528,TabbyReader] I wish I could have provided my own nuanced take on it, but Saagar did such a comprehensive take on the issue that I had nothing really to add. Considering he's a conservative himself, it's a much more enlightened and grounded perspective on the matter. Although he'll still insert his own brand of snarky cynicism into his analysis given how much of a circus it's been trying to sort out the aftermath of the attack
All of those are excellent ideas. One wouldn’t have thought they were necessary for someone seeking to serve in any position of U.S. government—but clearly they are, now.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
I dont see the Party as the problem. Its the people who are the problem. The "system" relies on patronage, donations and lobbying to steer votes and policy. Those people have to be sidelined and limited to legitimate voting and information roles. And the voters need to change their view and accept their responsibiloity for how far off the rails thier representatives and the party have been allowed to go. You are not supporting a sporting team or praying to a god. You are choosing a Representative to do the job of taking your interests and concens to the government. You need to watch them and make sure they understand what you expect and that you are watching. Just like your boss watches you. Then fire them if they dont perform.😷
Carla · 61-69, F
That all sounds good. But the people elect their representatives, knowing the length of their terms. It is on voters to know whom they are seating. Information is too easy to get.
All representatives do now swear an oath to the constitution.
And rogue representatives are held to ethics rules, or are supposed to be.

If 85 million people voted to re elect trump, trump would be president. Those same people would know full well that trump wished to be king. If he became king, democracy would be dead and those that elected him would be at fault. Not trump.
For this country to keep its democracy safe, it is up to the people to protect it.

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