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I Need to Exercise More

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Had a 'cheat meal' today and feel so horrible after it, it is shocking that it is close to what used to be a regular amount of food for me 馃槷
Just shows me that eating 'right' can be a habit, just like eating junk and it is just laziness that stops us. I prefer my healthy diet now when it started out being an effort.
26-30, F
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Jun 16, 2019
rainguy41-45, M
So far, Im down 17 lbs.
annamk26-30, F
[@593738,rainguy] 馃挭 Good work
rainguy41-45, M
[@873896,annamk] thanks. It's been a very slow process. Probably the slowest ever. You're looking good. Results speak for themselves
Iamyourdaddy22-25, M
That's not good that you feel.horrible for eating a cheat meal

You're in too deep.
annamk26-30, F
[@854020,awesomusmaximus] Not like mentally, actually physically. Bloated and too full.
Iamyourdaddy22-25, M
[@873896,annamk] then you just ate too much lol
annamk26-30, F
[@854020,awesomusmaximus] Yeah 馃槀[image=]
PissFun61-69, M
Low fat meat & vegetables, you can have as much veg as you like
DarkSky51-55, M
I know exactly what you鈥檙e saying
I was on the whole30 plan for 3 months and felt incredible..
I could tell when I started deviating off of it.... junk is truly junk
Fantabulous41-45, F
Same here, cant believe how bad i feel after throwing caution to the wind today...thought I'd allow myself a day of having whatever i wanted and now I wish I didnt!
Spokeskitties7541-45, M
I just lowered my carbs per week since November and I lost 75 pounds
annamk26-30, F
[@362821,Spokeskitties75] You look great! Well done, I'm happy for you!
Spokeskitties7541-45, M
[@873896,annamk] thank you! 馃槉
laotzu9261-69, M
[@362821,Spokeskitties75] Good work!
SW User
I ate an entire pizza to myself on Friday night I have no regrets bc I work hard to enjoy food and practically live on salads most days of the week. I don鈥檛 smoke and I only drink at Christmas so I loved every bite of that pizza 馃崟 馃槀 馃グ
SW User
I had an all you can eat Chinese buffet recently,and felt so bloated and tired the next day!
CoffeeFirst51-55, F
I am more active than many my age but dang, let me tell you--you have to keep eating right your whole life.

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I Need to Exercise More
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Had a 'cheat meal' today and feel so hor... | I Need to Exercise More | Similar Worlds