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Creepy story from the hospital!

I went to the emergency 2 weeks ago, My son was very sick. After they set him up on the breathing machine, the doctors and nurses left the room. Then the tap opened it self, i ignored it as I was worried about my son, then something was pushed of the table, one of the extra breathing masks that the doctor put there , no one was in the room. Just felt creepy 馃槼, it was 3Am ..... to disract myself i called my friend who works night shift it was on video call, as i was talking to her the tap turned on again! She saw it, So they changed my room because my son was admitted to the hospital,
It happened again in the new room, Do you think the hospital is haunted????
Barny5256-60, M Best Comment
My friend used to work in our hospital, he as many stories about strange happening he as seen

Sounds like your son has an attachment
RadiantRose31-35, F
@ExperienceDLT Maybe he's very sensitive baby
@RadiantRose well from what you said and by whatever it was following you even to another room whatever it is is attached to either you or your son
Icedsky46-50, M
Your son or you yourself may have a follower or just gained one at the hospital. They noticed that you noticed.
Tres1351-55, M
Restless spirit needs to be Exorcised
ProfessorPlum7770-79, MVIP
[c=005E2F]That is bizarre. [/c]
RadiantRose31-35, F
@ProfessorPlum77 Very bizarre but i had a witness on the video call, so i wasn't my imagination 馃槈
ProfessorPlum7770-79, MVIP
@RadiantRose Not doubting your word, at all. 馃檪
Maybe stay off the drugs.
RadiantRose31-35, F
@RedBaron I'm not on drugs
@RadiantRose Your description sounds otherwise.

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