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Well it's broke again...

I knew the update would do this, but was hoping it wouldn't break everything. All those broken .dlls.
Zaphod4246-50, M
Tell me about it! And just getting into the mod server take an hour or so of trying and retrying (PS5) before I can even adjust the load order, and then the load order screen crashes the game half the time 馃
@Zaphod42 yeah there is a "Paid mod" protest. It'll die down eventually as bethesda is gonna do what bethesda does lol
@Jessmari [quote]I've only ever modded on PC so have no idea if there is a dedicated non creation club server.[/quote]
There is, but since I've only played on PS3 and PS4, I'm not sure how it works.
@LordShadowfire I've never played it on any console so I'm just as lost. Good to know they aren't as limited.
NerdySoph26-30, F
skyrim anniversary edition?
@NerdySoph Yep, 1.6.1130 released to update creation club. Versioning screwed things up.
NerdySoph26-30, F
@Jessmari Bathesda at their best again :D .. I'm sure they'll fix it soon :)
@NerdySoph Oh they will. This time SKSE was working with the update and was on the ball. Now everyone else needs to catch up
Yeah, fuck Bethesda.
@LordShadowfire In good company with that thought lately.

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