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Poll: Would you purchase a Tesla Car? - "Tesla In Flames"

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Yes, I would buy a Tesla Car
No, I would not buy a Tesla Car
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[big]Tesla ‘spontaneously’ caught fire on California highway[/big]

[b]● The Tesla Model S was traveling at “freeway speeds” when the fire broke out
● Crews used approximately 6,000 gallons of water to put out the fire.
● No injuries were reported from this incident.[/b]

[i][c=666666](Severe damage at the front of the Tesla Model S is clearly visible.)[/c][/i]


A Tesla vehicle on a highway in Sacramento California burst into flames this weekend after the
car’s battery compartment “spontaneously” caught fire. According to the Sacramento Metro Fire
District, the Tesla Model S was traveling at “freeway speeds” when the fire started.
In photos shared by the Sacramento Metro Fire District, the severe damage to the front of the
vehicle can be clearly seen. The fire crew had to lift the vehicle in order to access the battery

There were no reported injuries from the incident which took place on the shoulder of eastbound
Highway 50 and Sunrise Boulevard in Rancho Cordova,
Crews used around 6,000 gallons of water to put out the fire. Firefighters stated that they had to
use this much water as the Tesla’s battery cells continued to catch fire. Crews in Sacramento
were called to another Tesla fire in the area last summer. In this incident, which took place at a
wrecking yard, the car had to be put into a small pit filled with water to stop the battery
compartment reigniting.

In another incident in October, a Tesla battery submerged in hurricane flood waters became
corroded and caught fire. In that case, Florida firefighters had to use around 1,500 gallons of
water to put out the flames.

Last August, Sacramento Fire Captain, Parker Wilbourn stated that electric vehicle fires pose
more difficult challenges for fire crews than traditional combustion engines that use gasoline.
“When one battery catches fire, it preheats the next battery, the next battery and the next
battery. It causes a fire and it is a chain reaction from there,” Wilbourn explained.

[i][c=666666](Fire crews had to lift the car to access the battery compartment.)[/c][/i]


[c=004A59][b][u]Poll: Would you purchase a Tesla Car?[/u][/b][/c]

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BlueVeins · 22-25
I wouldn't buy a Tesla car because I don't want some proprietary charging port that no other brand of car can use, and because their self driving feature is gimmicky junk. They have good range, but it's not worth it at all.
Byron8by7 · M
There is no way I could afford a Tesla. Also - I live in an apartment complex, and it seems highly unlikely that the company that owns the property would install charging stations any time soon.
RosaMarie · 41-45, F
I just bought my first hybrid. I'll give EVs probably another ten years to improve before I consider one.
Carissimi · 70-79, F
No. There are too many stories about either catching fire, taking hours to fully charge, being stranded because the charge runs out too fast, not working in cold weather, not enough charging stations, and when you find one, there may be a very long wait to charge yours. And last, but not least, what happens when they ration electricity, as they are doing in California, or if the grid goes down. It’s too expensive and too much trouble.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
I would never give a penny to Musk.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Current EVs are not even close to a realistic answer. In fact until you can get charging stations in apartment complexes none of them ever will be answer.

They are just using the charging stations to eventually make a killing in the future. Charging stations are not needed.
LunarOrbit · 56-60, M
I’m in Canada.
Would I heat my house with electricity?
No….too expensive.
So why would I want an electric car?

I believe the near future is hybrids with the distant future being hydrogen fuel.
I'd rather have a Mercedes EQS.. so much more car.. even without the, never going to exist, full self driving that Tesla has been selling for 6 years and still hasn't delivered 😑
SteelHands · 61-69, M
All because having a battery powered car is as convenient as having a gasoline powered computer.
Even if I could afford the car, I'd need about $7,000 to upgrade my electrical to be able to charge an EV at home.
Northwest · M
No. It's overpriced. I have other options now.
calicuz · 51-55, M
Yes, if I could afford one. 🙄
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
Severe damage is an understatement😟
And no im not interested in an electric car of any kind.
Jimmy2016 · 61-69, M
🤔..................When those Lithium battery's catch fire, it's like a huge blow torch going off............
Funlov · M
I would not bye any electric cars junk not good for the environment all bullshit
no. very non-practical in Australia..

maybe if i was a city dweller.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Hell no, not even if I had money to burn for such a thing.
WonderGirl · 36-40
I would buy a Model S Plaid and take it to the track. 🤗
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
Does not in any way appeal to me
I wouldn’t, but I’ve been on California highways in a Tesla a few times, courtesy of Uber. The story does give me pause. 😳
tenente · 100+, M
why buy [u][b]any[/b][/u] car? it's a rolling waste of money 🤷‍♂️ also, why is this 'news?'🙄

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