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This is a seriously overlooked thing by auto makers!

Why is it that my car can automatically turn the headlights on and off, automatically turn the wipers on if it rains, automatically brake, automatically center the car between the lines, automatically adjust the AC, automatically adjust the seat to my settings, automatically sync with my phone, and automatically update its own software, but can’t automatically turn off the damn blinker after a mile of driving with it on?! 🤦‍♂️
Ynotisay · M
If an auto manufacturer was smart they'd offer up on option that is almost entirely void of tech. No screens. No auto-anything other than maybe windows. Bare bones at a cost that reflects that. Particularly with a truck or real SUV. I think there's a market for that. I'd be a buyer.
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@Ynotisay it’s a nice thought, but there are a few issues…like as of 2018 reverse cameras are a legal requirement for US sold cars, so the car has to have a screen by law.
Ynotisay · M
@Zaphod42 Yeah. You're right. Then in my world I'd buy the after market screen cover so I don't have to look at it. :)
Ynotisay · M
@thisguy20 Yeah. Power steering, brakes and locks make sense. But the electronic component is a little different than the software stuff. I'm ok with handling the steering and braking.
thisguy20 · 41-45, M
How about something that automatically centers the car in parking spots...

. I'll never drive a car with automatic features
ShaneMckay · 41-45, M
No, you have to check your dashboard every now and then, so the car figures you can at least do that much !
Jimbo1 · 46-50, MNew
No need. You are considered intelligent enough to figure that out.
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