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This is my Worst vacation day off ever .....Sooooo ...

I planned a relaxing day off at home today ...

Buuuuttt, we recently had water damage to our home , and the repair crew whom my SO , thought was scheduled to start tomorrow ,,, started today ...馃槖

It's no day at the beach

And the sawing starts ...馃槕

WHAT'S yours ???
Jenny123451-55, F
I took a day off work over the summer because I wasn鈥檛 feeling well and I decided that I would sleep all day. Well they started road construction in front of my house at around 9 AM and it went on until about 4 PM. Fml
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

Argghh... So frustrating .
Still nice that you live there. 馃ズ
@BobbyMoeven didn't you say you live in Wasaga? .... even if it's not beach front still nice
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

Nahh ... Friends have a cottage there , but we do live in the beaches in Toronto ... 10-15 minutes stroll down to the waterfront ...
@BobbyMoeven Ahhhh that's awesome 馃憤
Ducky31-35, F
Damn, that sucks. 馃槙
Jeephikelove46-50, F
Sorry to hear 馃槙
My first day of a week off and I have my niece and nephew. I had a doc's appointment and got things sorted tho.

Go hide :/
BobbyMoeven51-55, M

That's what I am doing at the moment ...

In the bedroom , Headphones on , reading a book, snacking away ...馃構
Back in the day, we used to go to my grandparents' house every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They lived in Bay City, which is basically Tillamook. Coastline. The best route we knew from Oregon City was a winding highway that went through some beautiful mountains.

One year, we had a blowout on one of those beautiful mountain roads (fortunately, the cliff was on the left on the section of road in question). Tow truck came out, but of course they couldn't fix the tire there on the spot, so they were going to tow it to the Les Schwab Tire Center in Tillamook.

Only the tow truck broke down.

I don't know what went wrong with it, but it wouldn't start up. They had to get a second larger tow truck to come get the first one.

In retrospect, it's hilarious, but we were there for like 3 hours.

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