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If Biden had to die due to old age, cognitive decline and they somehow preserved his body to make it sit on chair for photos, move around

Would you still vote for him over Trump?
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
Yes, because it will then just go to his VP. Not like we'd end up with an actual dead guy. A dead guy in office is going to be short term damage. A Trump presidency we will suffer from for decades.
@ViciDraco makes sense, dead guy better than Trump
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
@mysteryespresso when both paths lead to Hell, I prefer to take the one that gets us there a bit more slowly 😅
Dan509 · 26-30, M
carpediem · 61-69, M
That's what 2020 was all about. I suspect 2024 will be a bit different.
Straylight · 31-35, F
I’m going to do like I did last time and vote 3rd party.
Pfuzylogic · M
Just gave Joe a $25 shot this morning.
Now what was the question? 🧐
Diotrephes · 70-79, M
Bumbles · 51-55, M

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