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So did Biden win the Superbowl?

HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
No. He avoided the interview Presidents have been giving just before the Superbowl.

Bad look
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
@ElwoodBlues I don't know who harmony is.
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
@ElwoodBlues The historical data was merely accepted because no one else had created such a dataset. No conspiracy was required.
@HoraceGreenley [b][i]Which[/i][/b] historical data set?? Climate science is a very decentralized operation.

The climate data comes from bubbles in glacial ice, and is corroborated by data from lake & sea floor sediments. it covers about 800,000 years, and about seven ice age cycles.

Here's [i]where[/i] the various data sets were collected:

There are multiple institutions collecting THOUSANDS of different ice & sediment cores. And you're suggesting they're all faked??

Also, your "one dataset" claim, in addition to being false, doesn't explain your "money and power" description of climate science. "Money and power" is a classic conspiracy theory.
Elessar · 26-30, M
I'm not even American and this is the first thing I saw immediately after waking up 🥴✊🏻

bookerdana · M
99 yard run with ten seconds on the clock...Taylor was blocking fer him!
Straylight · 31-35, F
Was that today?
maskedbandit · 56-60, M
Yes, just by staying out of it. He would have gotten hurt. 🤷‍♂️ 🤣
HannahSky · F
It's all working according to plan, despite Brock wearing #13

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