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The most hated similar world user is :

Not the creepy men.
It is the people who seek attention.
Those who created a post's and don't read the comments or reply.

Those who write :
( I hate my boyfriend )

( I'm so sad today )

And then people try to cheer them up. People ask questions and the person will ignore everyone.

Why are you making a post if you aren't interested in taking any part in the discussion. I made my post because I wanted to express myself and have a discussion. I don't care if you think like me. But I still want to know what you think.

I will block people like that. And your trashy post
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
[@2662,PervertedPrincessOfDeath] stealing this meme 😂😂😂
[@2662,PervertedPrincessOfDeath] what if I don't care ? I don't look up to you so when you call me a loser I just laughed
in10RjFox · M
[big]Hello Internet Police here. Is it quick sand ? [/big]
SW User
I understand your aggravation at people not responding to comments. However, the last thing we needed at SW is yet another post about who is popular and who isn't. 😑
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] I don't agree. People who are upset about this issues are free to express themselves in this post.
SW User
[@1229922,Curxuia] I know what you're talking about, and I don't like it either. I just don't want to see more division and more people feeling unwelcome.
Best ones are those that do what you state, you take the time to answer the question, and then they delete the entire post. 🙄

When I've questioned why do they post if they don't want a response, I've had a couple of people tell me that they are just venting or, use their "space" to write down their thoughts or feelings atm, and either don't care or don't want people to respond.

I agree with you, it's a dick move for sure. I don't bother with those posts anymore.
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
I prefer them to the creepy men to be honest.. I give a bit of leeway and know that they might have reasons for not answering all the replies.. is it wrong to seek being cheered up when we are down?

I personally don't think so.. and I am happy to see that kind of post on here :)
[@7167,Adaydreambeliever] I knew someone would like those Post even though I hate them. You can cheer them up.
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, FVIP
[@1229922,Curxuia] Thank you :) You are too kind :) If you can possibly bear it.. do try to give them some slack.. they might even just be too distraught to read the responses at the time.. we just never know what's going on in other people's lives.. A handful of kind comments might be the difference between having courage to face another day, or giving up..
There's something too in giving freely, without expecting thanks or anything in return :)
Lilnonames · F
I do that as well if u cant even heart my comment then no use them bein here.or the person who has a great post and as your talking to others on that post they delete it
[@1749,Lilnonames] heart or even a simple emoji is much better than nothing. At least you know that the person read what you wrote.
latinladybug · 41-45, F
When I ask a question, I will usually wait a bit to see how many people respond, if any at all. Sometimes I do get caught up in other things and forget. Most of the time though, I do my best to respond or react to the ones who took the time to comment.
Adam77 · 26-30, M
[@876949,latinladybug] yes but that situation is different from the people she's talking about.. I think she meant those who post every now and then but dont reply to comments
[@876949,latinladybug] maybe you can't respond on that day, but the day after should not be a problem.
SnowBlack · 18-21, F
Here are a few of my peeves:

Guessing game posts where they don't give an answer within 10 minutes.

'How to comfort' posts which are then deleted and replaced with another.

'I'm depressed and suicidal' posts where they don't even bother to speak.

'The vaccine is more deadly than no vaccine- so I'll never consider it' posts.

'Trump was the greatest ever president in all of American history' posts.
SnowBlack · 18-21, F
[@1229922,Curxuia] I didn't at all understand what you just said, but your post matches my third peeve.
[@1219161,SnowBlack] someone made one of the vaccine post's you wrote about and I was stupid enough to try and explain why they are wrong.
SnowBlack · 18-21, F
[@1229922,Curxuia] Yeah, they're badly misled fools.
I’ve stopped responding to such posts, coz most of the times its just a ruse. You know they’re trying to get attention or pity, and they’re manipulative af.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
That and the people who just BEG for a DM and never, ever answer yours. Yup. Can see them from a mile away now.
[@329500,uncalled4] That is [i]really[/i] annoying.
TessDun · 36-40, F
I enjoy answering questions without really any expectations to be responded to, good if they do. Some posts are also entertaining to read. I post questions and most of the time only manage to react since I am also working and there are answers that do not need to be discussed. Good for you if you have the luxury of time. You should view this site as welcoming to different kinds of people specially those who are in difficult state, they might see this as the only outlet to vent out their frustrations. Let them be, or you better focus on questions like religion politics and the like, I have seen really in-depth intelligent exchanges and discussions about these topics. If you have good inputs and expect a good rebuttal, why not. People specially those who are depressed feel more free to express themselves here. They are not here to please you or meet any strangers expectations, some are even too depressed to even care about the answers.
Some people either don’t have the time to respond, or make a conscious decision not to. And yes, it is annoying. It’s like they’re a celebrity. Typically, celebrities don’t respond to the comments on their Facebook or Twitter posts.
[@1026,LeopoldBloom] maybe that's how you know if someone is a narcissist.
[@1229922,Curxuia] Good point.

I follow my state governor on Facebook, and he never responds to comments. But as far as I know, he’s not posting under an alias here on SW, and definitely not saying how sad he is or how he hates his boyfriend.
[@1026,LeopoldBloom] haha it would be funny if you one day found out that he was doing that
I don't understand people who have a problem with attention seekers. Like what's the problem?
[@1229922,Curxuia] You seem really interested in arguing about it, you keep fucking bringing it up. If you actually don't care, chill and stop talking about it.
[@1230047,alphavilleEquals1Over137] i said that I don't want to argue over it and then I didn't post anything after.

But you said that I keep saying that i don't want to argue but that I then keep replying.

When I wrote that I didn't want to argue in my last message it was my last message and I didn't write anything to you after until now.

And im only replying now because you lied And whatever you write back after this .. I won't read it.
[@1229922,Curxuia] The fuck are you talking about right now?
Asmae · 31-35, F
I try to at least “react” to everyone who has a good thing to say on my posts. Unless I’m sleepy, tired, busy or sad.
Casheyane · 26-30, F
I think people are entitled if they want to reply or not. Writing is magic. It can be therapeutic to just write and write and feel like you're being heard. Everyone is walking through a life story no one else knows. Sometimes all you want is to be heard, not really to receive any feedback. It's not about you. It's about what they need. SW posts could be their canvass and their writing, the art. Artists don't really view each and every reaction to their art, I think. They just show the art to free themselves. To exist.
lol so you hate being ignored??
i guess busy people.. some people post stuff and then go offline .. . [@1229922,Curxuia]
[@209334,MadBossFTW] what's the point in posting and going offline ? Do you prepare dinner and then just leave your house and let the food turn bad ?
lol [@1229922,Curxuia]
StevetheSleeve · 26-30, M
It is annoying when they don’t ever make any effort to respond to comments.
Adam77 · 26-30, M
[@487145,StevetheSleeve] i know steve sometimes that's annoying
EdgeWalker · 26-30, F
not like you reply to everyone yourself lollol
[@1216190,EdgeWalker] scroll down. I we replied to lots of people
EdgeWalker · 26-30, F
[@1229922,Curxuia] either reply to everyone or dont be a hypocrite like this ok
SaturdayhasTURDinit · 41-45, M
One's I can't stand are those whining about other users.

I understand. But now you are whining about a user yourself for I am a similar world user and you are whining about me whining lol
FurryFace · 61-69, M
i get upset about youtube videos that won't let you reply
Adam77 · 26-30, M
[@1155,FurryFace] hahaha that's really annoying I feel you
Lilymoon · 46-50, F
I usually skip those posts. Not worth my effort tbh.
[@1141547,Lilymoon] yeah you just have to learn to recognize people who are like that before you try to write in their post. I'm still learning to spot them.
Lilymoon · 46-50, F
[@1229922,Curxuia] Yep.
ImRileyTheDog · 18-21, F
I don’t have the patience to read them
Adam77 · 26-30, M
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] it's not about patience.. it's about not giving an F about people's opinions and replies
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] some of them are good at hiding it at it takes a couple minutes until you understand what's going on.
elafina · 31-35, F
When I am in a dark mood I might post sth about it, then close my computer and run out of the house or under the shower to relief myself. So I won't read or reply to anything, because what i write at that moment feels REAL, you know?
[@917679,elafina] I understand. My problem is with people who do it constantly.
elafina · 31-35, F
also i find this question and lots of the comments to be sorrow-shaming and i don't agree with that. Our relationships have already lots of pain-shaming, isolating the individuals that are in pain instead of encouraging for sharing.
Even worse is when they lash out at any answer that isn't exactly what they wanted to hear. Why are you asking us for our opinion and advice then if you don't want to hear any answers? I understand that some people need to vent, but then don't be surprised if I ignore your questions in the future. 🤷‍♂️
[@1163114,SageTheProblemChild] you are just being honest and they act like you bullied them.
Id guess opinions range greatly on the topic. Maybe they are accustomed to only getting jackass replies to things they post.
[@887863,misterpunch] the topics they write about are usually not something controversial. So it's not like they don't respond because of hateful comments.
[@1229922,Curxuia] maybe. I dunno, perhaps i don't see those posts. I do find it difficult to respond to a good number of people, they never seem to interact. Maybe they're all botpods, posting random stuff to just get responses.
[@887863,misterpunch] I don't know either 🧐
I wonder why so many of them tend to be women tho.
Adam77 · 26-30, M
Yep those people are weird.. but what I've seen is other SW users reply to you which I find it amazing
[@398423,Adam77] Some people here are amazing
Max13 · 26-30, M
Everyone has their choice of using social media .
Some use to express some use to impress .
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@4199,BlueVeins] You aren't like that.
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@1229922,Curxuia] i m big attention whore
[@4199,BlueVeins] haha 😂😸
you can keep this and block me if ya want i could legit care less
Wiseacre · F
👍i’d just ignore the ignorant!

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