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Do u believe in universe's messages?

Soletimes i feel like the universe is sending me messages..bc some things i face during the day seem relatable its like the universe is givinh me signs or sthg.. idk
reflectingmonkey · 46-50, M
a problem I see with concluding ultimately that synchronicity is of divine or metaphysical origin is that our way of understanding the world, and I mean the actual way the brain works, will make us see something where there is chaos. the universe around us is like a giant Rorschach test and you will always see what's relevant to you. our brain receives signals, electrical currents, from the senses and interprets those signal so as to form an idea of the world, and this is what we see when we look around us, we are looking at what our brain constructed, because our brain is so advanced at painting worlds for itself and can give its idea of the world any meaning it wants to. for example, its very easy to look around you and imagine that you are being followed and many of the people in crowds are actually agents following you, the brain has total artistic freedom in how it links the pieces and makes sense of the world. for this reason, what you see in the cement cracks, in the clouds, in dreams, in how you piece random things together, will always have something to do with how you feel .
Allelse · 31-35, M
No. It's in our nature to seek for patterns. We have predictability software in our brain that looks for "If I do this, then that will happen". A good survival technique, but it does lead to us sometimes seeing things that aren't there. And making a bigger deal of something happening then it really is. Like the whole 'Does everything happen for a reason?!' well yes it does, since the universe began with the expansion of time and space you've had things happening, but we're yet to see any great meaning behind it. Action and reaction. We'd like to believe there is more meaning to our lives, but we're just a bunch of extra clever great apes.
I honestly woukdnt recognise one if it was painted in bold red letters.

I have no idea wjat messages from the universe are meant to look like.
Indeed, most of my greatest epiphanies have came from nature or the cosmos. Even from times of darkness in my life...
Wiseacre · F
I think it depends on the person...personally, I believe everything is random, but I get how it feels sometimes.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Yes I do believe in them. I also believe the more you acknowledge them the more messages you will receive.
nedkelly · M
Yes, but I am worried when they contact Joe Biden he will be on life support
Yes. Follow its messages.
JupiterDreams · 26-30
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M

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