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Do you expect people to reply quickly?

Or do you not care how long they take? People crack me up when they get their panties in a bunch because you didn't reply back within seconds. 馃槄
Spokeskitties7546-50, M
No... I understand people have lives.
Virgo9426-30, F
@Spokeskitties75 [c=#004A59]Good. Me too. I don't see a reason to get upset over it. [/c]
SilkandLace241-45, M
@Spokeskitties75 that's true also馃槓
Keepitsimple51-55, F
Not gonna lie, by the next day ill have forgotten about them also.
Spokeskitties7546-50, M
@Keepitsimple [b]The Next Day[/b]...

[i]Looks at text...[/i]

[u]Hi mom, I鈥檓 ready to be picked up from school.[/u]

Keepitsimple51-55, F
@Spokeskitties75 I hope not...I鈥檓 an empty nester...馃槢
forty7seventy446-50, F
I'm like you, especially if they're angry (like, seriously angry) that I didn't respond in 2.2 seconds, not even enough time to open the message and read it.

I understand that the world doesn't revolve around me and [b]anything[/b] can be keeping a person from responding right away. Especially offline stuff.
So I don't expect instant replies.
If you are talking about here, I always find it funny how upset people get based on the length of time it takes to respond, as if this seems to equal their level of interest. People have lives, that dont revolve around here constantly. So what if it takes some time to respond, at least they responded haha
poisonouscupcake22-25, F
i can get upset with my boyfriend if i鈥檓 going through something and i need him and he takes like 20 minutes to respond
but other than that i try to remember that people just aren鈥檛 up for messaging all the time or maybe they鈥檙e doing other things and that they鈥檒l respond sooner or later
SkeetSkeet100+, F
I dont expect seconds but hours kinds makes me sad.[u][/u]
Pretzel61-69, M
@SkeetSkeet *simps at you*
I'd never make you wait hours
@SkeetSkeet That's why I always wait 3-4 weeks to call back after havinh sex. That way the chick is super extra relieved to hear from me finally.
SilkandLace241-45, M
Omigosh, I have to fully admit, yes I TOTALLY do, if I text you, then you text me, then I respond and it takes you more than a minute,, you just responded,, you have it in your hand, what's taking so long?!
SilkandLace241-45, M
@SW-User just like when someone calls you, then you miss it by seconds, then call them back and they don't answer?!
@SilkandLace2 Hahaha, right 鉁 馃ぃ wtf is up with that 馃槀
SilkandLace241-45, M
@SW-User exactly!!
I really appreciate fast replies
In general, no.

But if I'm very depressed and tell that person "I need to talk to you because I'm scared to be alone right now..." and it's left on [i]read.[/i] I'll likely be upset 馃槄
rjc3656-60, M
People have lives that don't always allow for them to be able to reply quickly as we may hope that they would. It's part of life.
If we鈥檙e chatting and then they ghost for a day maybe a little frustrated but otherwise no.
arkod36-40, M
I don't think about that.
I don't hold grudges or think negatively if they reply late.
Virgo9426-30, F
@arkod[c=#005E2F]Nice! Same here. [/c]
Nah..people are often multitasking.
Spokeskitties7546-50, M
@Spokeskitties75 yasssssss hahaa!馃槤
Eddiesolds61-69, M
Immediately.. or they鈥檙e dead to me
Virgo9426-30, F
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout [c=#002673]Ugh. [/c]
Eddiesolds61-69, M
BrattyMel31-35, F
They鈥檒l get to it when they get to it 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
Elessar26-30, M
No, I don't expect them, but if the conversation gets too slow (like, way more than seconds between one reply and another) I might lose interest eventually, or wonder that maybe it's not as interesting for them so I set back.
Piper61-69, F
No, I don't usually have expectations about anyone replying quickly. In most emails I've sent or have responded to, I do have [i]some[/i] expectations, though.
maturedragon26-30, M
depends on how involved I am on the conversation, and sometimes forget people are living 馃槄
I would just appreciate a response period.

And fucking hearts don't count! I'd rather no response at all
If they don't respond quickly enough then I normally forget about them 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
MURD3RM0NK3Y26-30, M
Yup or I just block you
Virgo9426-30, F
@MURD3RM0NK3Y [c=#002673] Seriously?[/c]
MURD3RM0NK3Y26-30, M
@Virgo94 as serious as a heart attack
pride4926-30, M
Only if I'm expecting noods
Eddiesolds61-69, M
Not at all. I know I dissapeared too.
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
Depends on our established relation. If we're in a relationship i expect her to answer as soon as she sees it.
cycleman61-69, M
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