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When you have an argument with a friend or family member, and savage things are said...

but then after a while when things settle and they say they didn't mean it... do you believe that they didn't mean it?
Rooster · M
Most of the time I do. Not always but most of the time.
Rooster · M
[@795132,Synyster] That's one of the "not always"! 😆
Synyster · 46-50, M
[@527571,Rooster] 😆 They're watching us. 😝
Rooster · M
[@795132,Synyster] Who cares?
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Mean it or not, they certainly THOUGHT it !

They say [i]Many a true word spoken in jest.[/i](Chaucer)
They also say [i]A drunken mind speaks a sober heart[/i] (Rousseau)

Kinda makes you think what they actually [i]regret[/i] is making it public !
FishSticks · 31-35, F
[@448576,Picklebobble2] [quote]Kinda makes you think what they actually regret is making it public !

Yeah, that's what I always think too
BrattyMel · 31-35, F
Yeah I believe it. My sister and I do it all the time. Most recently last night. We REALLY got into it!
BrattyMel · 31-35, F
Well you know, ma’am, she wants to complain that I never put the cap back on the toothpaste except I don’t use the same toothpaste! She can’t get mad at me for her tube getting all yucky! [@763897,Harriet03]
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
[@789477,BrattyMel] Selfish! You sound like a old married couple.
BrattyMel · 31-35, F
It’s her fault ma’am [@763897,Harriet03]
mrsindyjoe · 46-50, F
If they didn't mean it, they wouldn't say it!!
SW User
no. they meant it.
SW User
Yeah I believe it. Things often get said in the heat of the moment out of frustration. Usually an exaggeration.
TheFragile · 41-45, F
No I believe they meant it but they now are sorry
TheConstantGardener · 56-60, M
Yes, they did.
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
Yes I do

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