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What’s the best country to move to and live in if your an American

I’m just curious which country has the best job opportunities, healthcare & housing?
dancingtongue · 80-89, M
Well, Australia and New Zealand have good healthcare and housing. Job opportunities for immigrants, I'm not so sure. I remember last century we considered swapping homes for a year with a college buddy who had married a Kiwi, and they were considering moving back to the U.S. I went to the NZ Consulate to inquire about work visas. They asked what my wife did and I said she worked for a software firm, and they said we can use her. They asked what I did and I said Public Relations and they said "what on earth would we do with you?"
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
America is the best
mbai2223 · F
HermannFegelein · 26-30, M
I hear Switzerland is pretty decent. 🇨🇭

I heard New Zealand has great education opportunities.

One thing I’ve particularly found annoying about my home country is the amount of hoops you gotta jump through just to start your own business.

Another thing I can’t stand is how the SEC seems to want to ban every cryptocurrency in the US. Funny how they’ll go to great lengths to ban cryptocurrencies but won’t do a damn thing about casinos. It’s only okay for Americans to lose money if they’re the ones taking it.

Although I’ve heard some rumors about a different cryptocurrency that the government wants to implement in order to further control American citizens and I also heard something about a social credit score that they want to implement, which I find terrifying.
Go to Russia or china. It will make you realise alot of things.
@mbai2223 yes wherever. You need adopt survival skills.
mbai2223 · F
@littlepuppywantanewlife to be honest it’s even harder to survive inside the usa, I would love to see things outside of this bubble called the usa for once.
@mbai2223 go to country where things are cheaper 🙂
HannahSky · F
You mean state or another country?
Tennessee, more jobs than people,
Jimbo7 · 61-69, M
Britain is the best place to live
It depends on your skills, education and what languages you can speak besides English. But people I know who have relocated successfully have gone to Canada, France and the UK.
MonaMoona · 36-40, F
Australia I guess but only hospitals don’t charge everything costs here

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