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Rape is unequivocally condemnable but it's disturbing how pro-Israeli news media exploit isolated incidents to rationalize genocidal war crimes

committed by the illegitimate occupiers.

What about the brutal sexual assaults on women, young girls and young boys, perpetrated by both US-backed Afghan soldiers and American troops throughout the 2001-2021 US invasion of Afghanistan? Hell, even women within US military are being raped by their battle buddies. If you're upset about women being raped, you should be furious with the US.
[quote]During the Winter Soldier Investigation, sponsored by Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), some of the testimonies of Vietnam veterans included the rape and murder of Vietnamese women, with some being tortured and sexually mutilated. According to Mark Baker, who interviewed Vietnam veterans for his book, one became a "double veteran" by "having sex with a woman and then killing her." One marine recalled an incident where a Vietnamese girl was gang-raped by members of his unit, with the final perpetrator shooting the victim in the head. In a similar incident, a soldier observed that the female victim "freely submitted" to rape to avoid death. At a hospital in Da Nang, a nurse was killed after being raped by seven marines.

In his controversial study The Perfect War: The War We Couldn't Lose and How We did, James William Gibson contends that raping women was a means by which some soldiers could demonstrate their power over Vietnamese women. According to Gibson, U.S. soldiers would rape Vietnamese girls, then kill them in horrific ways, including allegedly making their "stomachs explode" by sticking "hand flares" inside their vaginas.[/quote]

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