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Do you feel predictable is boring?

Ferric67 · M Best Comment
Like you stated there is a difference between predictability and boredom

I want predictability
I avoid boredom

In due time, the rains will pass and the sun will shine on you
At that point, you will have grounded your roots and sprouted your buds...ready to bloom
With a brightness that you have never shared

Don't fall victim to the thought that today will become forever
Nothing stays constant, change is inevitable

That is why I like having predictability of my path
It's the decorations along that path that could become redundant or mundane...making it boring
My road curves and meanders and I find myself with many characters, obstacles and distractions which helps lose any boredom

@Ferric67 thank you for this beautiful message, you are right. Sometimes I forget to be grateful of all the good predictable things.

WhateverWorks · 36-40
I used to, but now I appreciate how a balanced routine reduces daily stress and allows me to do what I want to d0 more effectively. Keyword there is balanced thought. It’s very easy to let life tug you along taking up your time and energy, surrounded by people you don’t actually like, a vocation you don’t find rewarding, little space to deal with your feelings/thoughts, little time for things you find meaningful, little time to find people you connect to, little time for better health. That kind predictable is awful.
@WhateverWorks even I appreciate it but I am stuck in a place for a year and it's raining heavily since two months, which has caused kind of boredom
Can you please elaborate a bit?
@ABCDEF7 I am trying to be a master of my mind, and it is going to be a difficult and long journey
@SIMPlyLogicalDiscipline Yes, definitely not easy. But the required one from my point of view. The duration differs from person to person.

All the Best !!
HannahSky · F
No not at all
TinFoilHat · F
Depends what it is. It can also be comforting or a strength.
@TinFoilHat It indeed is comforting
Alyosha · 31-35, M
Being bored indicates something is wrong with you.
@Alyosha you are right, I need to come to out of monotony
anavidneed · 18-21, M
depends on the situation

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