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I Am Saddened By Ignorance

I just don't get people who are oblivious to the struggles of the working poor in America. It baffles me, really. Although I'm not in poverty, I am considered to be in the "lower middle class"/"working class" in my area. There's nothing worse than seeing people calling all poor people "lazy", when your parents work full-time, with one of them considering getting a second job, and still struggle to support a family of four.
Yeah same view in the UK for people on benefits. They along with single parent families have been demonised for the past few years. The heartless and ignorant comments i see always come from people who are self admittedly wealthy/cunty.

But this a country where setting fire to homeless people while they're asleep isn't such a biggie as they're a "nuisance" anyway -_- done with earth tbh.
Oh my god, really? That's so barbaric.
People are like that here. cunts.
Firespirit · 26-30, M
Yeah plus poorer areas are more prone to crime and thus keep people in a loop
Firespirit · 26-30, M
@Killers: I'm just trying to say maybe they just see that as the poor part and are snobs it could not be race related
@Firespirit: The girl said that her mom told her to avoid my neighborhood because it's "dangerous" (not true at all), and also this girl has a history of being a tad discriminatory.
Firespirit · 26-30, M
@Killers: ah ok didn't know that
KandiGhostcat · 22-25, F
I always feel bad for less fortunate people. I'd want to help a lot of things. But unfortunately I can't, even though my heart is so big. I especially feel bad for them when poor/homeless people end up working for someone, a factory, or a company that may just want to use them. There's a lot more slavery (that's not BDSM or kinky) in the world then most people think. I don't like how close minded a person can be with all of this kind of stuff going on and not give a care. I don't even understand either.

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