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I have patterns that are like a salmon going upstream against the current.

So why can't I break them?
You can, but it takes work.

Programming formed in early childhood sets the stage for how we respond or react to the things we experience throughout the rest of our lives, and the reality we create for ourselves.

That programming resides in our unconscious mind from which we operate 95% of the time.

Bruce Lipton explains it better than I.

@PhoenixPhail thanks for sharing that.
@thinkingoutloud You're very welcome. 🙂
Elisbch · M
I can relate 😕...

Sometimes as long as they're not too bad I'll give in and just let them take their course. 🤷. Sometimes it's just more stress to fight them IMHO
@Elisbch yes. 🙃 Reminders like these help though. So thank you.
Elisbch · M
@thinkingoutloud .. when it's difficult for you, listen to the people that support you and shut out the ones that don't. It will help your goals. I was just saying by the way you worded things, it sounds like you are strong enough to do it but you just have some doubts in yourself. That leads me to believe that you can do it. Good luck and keep after it! 😊👍🏻
@Elisbch much appreciated. ❤️
Because you are spawning? 🤷
@thinkingoutloud Was
I fretting? I don’t think I’ve even been accused of fretting before.
Is it similar to overthinking? Because I can definitely be an over thinker.
Hmm, perhaps I can add “fretter” to my list of personality traits 🙃
@Ghostinthemachine lol. I am going to shoosh it.
I keep saying the wrong thing apparently.
Don't read too much into this. X
@thinkingoutloud No, you’re fine.
It’s me and my morning moods.
And I was just treadmillling so light headed.
Have a good one x
If you find an answer, share them? I just have a feeling I'm always fishing upstream enough, and the short answers here, though sometimes thoughtful and kind, are less than what I search for, that if you can find an answer this quick they are not for me.
@thewindupbirdchronicles Someone has posted a video of Dr Bruce Lipton. Although I have not watched that particular one, I am familiar with Dr Liptons work. That can give you food for thought perhaps.
Elisbch · M
Wow, not much sympathy from this group so far!..🤷...LOL 😄
Elisbch · M
@thinkingoutloud .. that's probably the safest thing you can do especially if you're not really in the mood or a ready to meet new people. There are so many pervs here. I would hate to be a woman here. I hate seeing the perv posts myself (so disrespectful) but I was raised differently.
@Elisbch even if it's not a perv post, I am not ready to invest in friendships and expectations of new friendships. From experience, it rarely goes well on here. So no point in even starting.
Elisbch · M
@thinkingoutloud.. Agreed! 😕
With salmon, it's instinctive and wired into their DNA. Are these habits you've mentioned wired in you?
@BizSuitStacy You know, it is not an impossibility. You raise a good point.
ElRengo · 70-79, M
The worst BUT also the best things of life follow that pattern.
@ElRengo I like that. And yes, true.
DDaverde · 56-60, M
That’s what you get with commie democrats
And 50 years of liberalism the the USA
Believe me I live in and was born here
I am definitely not like king what’s going in this country …. The USA is going down the drain
Fast….. FJB and his Buffoons also the morons
Who support him…
@DDaverde Wrong post?
rrraksamam · 31-35, M
That's who you are.
That's your nature.
Because you are on dope.
@Assface Not it.
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
Beware of bears!

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