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if you think people are laughing at you or trying to get a rise out of you, how should you deal with it

[c=003BB2][i]i have a personality disorder and with that i have paranoia, severe anxiety and trouble controlling anger...i often 'personalize' what people do and take it personal.

earlier when i had to go grocery shopping, i took some things personal...i was waiting to cross the road, and a car sped past me with a loud engine and it unnerved & panicked me and made me very i thought whoever was in the car did that personally at me.

then when i got to the checkout at the supermarket, some man and woman were laughing together in front of me, the woman glanced at me and laughed with the man who was with her, they said the words 'already' a few times whilst they were laughing.

and once again i took that personally and i felt like ramming that womans head into the wall or the ground, i was so angry, but i kept control and tried to remain patient.

its very difficult when you have paranoia and severe anxiety and a personality disorder.

any help with this would be appreciated.[/i][/c]
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
This might come off rude but hear me out first. I think it's quite egocentric to think that the world and everyone around you focus on you who's just some random among hundreds. Unless you wear a clown costume in public you're more likely becoming background noise together with everyone else than some interesting random person everyone gossips about.

If you start to think like this, maybe you hyper focus on others less?
ravenhillofKrull · 46-50, MVIP
@Queendragonfly no offence taken, thanks your reply made sense to i do tend to get trapped in the mindset everything is centred around me, so if i can remember your words, it could help, thanks.
I think you have to start by analyzing the real reasons behind your reactions. Do you feel unsafe? Probably to some extent, and it would go back to moments in your childhood when things caused you to start that mindset. In these kinds of moments nowadays with you as an adult, you’d have to remind your inner child that he’s safe and there isn’t really a threat anymore.
ravenhillofKrull · 46-50, MVIP
@Colonelmustardseed thanks for taking the time to reply, i understood what you wrote and appreciated it very much, goodnight.

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