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I feel loved. My mom made me a big pot of miso soup and did something with tofu just for me

I don't remember what it's called but it was good. She rarely makes anything with tofu because everyone complains
that's really sweet. 馃ズ
apersonnamedit22-25, T
@BlueVeins It's weird because she's being so extra towards me lately. She even bought me a fuzzy blanket for my bed because she heard me whine about being cold because the upstairs is drafty
@apersonnamedit I think she knows you really need support right now. I think she's scared of losing her child.
apersonnamedit22-25, T
@BlueVeins it does make a difference her support. I can definitely see her trying to help
nonsensiclesnail46-50, F
I love your mom now. I鈥檝e wanted miso soup all day, I need that mom.
nonsensiclesnail46-50, F
@apersonnamedit I wish!! I could just Uber rays it and pretend it was you mom and make things super weird. But that鈥檚 a lot of work.
I should just go make some.
Maybe later.
apersonnamedit22-25, T
@nonsensiclesnail if you see a middle aged asian woman appear wearing worn out black house slippers let her in she's my mom.
nonsensiclesnail46-50, F
@apersonnamedit you are so nice!! Thank you ~
I'm craving for some Japanese food.馃い
Sunshinekiss46-50, F
Mom's are the best!
Unostentatiousmice36-40, F
She鈥檚 happy you are noticing, I鈥檓 sure.
That sounds very nice and soothing.

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