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I'm really nervous about giving birth 馃槦馃様

every time I think about it I get anxiety. My due date is in August, it seems like I don't have enough time. My vibration and energy is off, I feel like I'm surrounded by a cloud of negativity.

Sometimes being alone in the dark isn't a good thing. It forces you to remember everything you're trying to forget, makes your body vulnerable and anxious because of the things you can't see, so your body tenses up and zone in on the random sounds you hear that aren't coming from you and the only person you're having conversations with at that point is the voice in your head.
Mrsbetweenfatandfit26-30, F
I understand. I鈥檓 not looking forward to my parts being torn into lasagna. The comfort I think is that women have gone through this process forever. Even after the invention of birth control & tying our tubes many women still choose to get pregnant & give birth after the first experience. You have people in your life who love & support you. They鈥檒l be by your side through the ups & downs of this. Breathe & know things will be alright. What鈥檚 happening in your life is amazing. You鈥檙e bringing a new person into this world. You will have so much influence on her as a growing girl & even though you won鈥檛 be perfect & it鈥檒l be hard work. It can be such a fulfilling commitment. You can do this. It will be wonderful. 馃尰
KimMuhFknKim8631-35, F
Girl I got an epidural
Fantasyproject26-30, F
[@1074616,KimMuhFknKim86] unfortunately I'm praying that I'm able to do it naturally because I'm terrified of needles so I'd probably get paralyzed. It literally gives me anxiety to the point where my body shake
KimMuhFknKim8631-35, F
[@1005903,Fantasyproject] you can do it. My next child I want to try and have natural
Fantasyproject26-30, F
[@1074616,KimMuhFknKim86] I'd like that with all my pregnancies,really wanted to do a water birth

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