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Do you believe that people's personalities are determined by their horoscope/zodiac sign (libra, capricorn, etc)? Please explain.

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To me, it wouldn't make sense for the time of year during which one is born to determine personality traits. Here's what psychology says. Personality is formed by two things: nature (genetics) and nurture (environment).

What do you believe and why?
Joeyyy · 26-30, M Best Comment
Well I think people live up to what they believe to a degree. If you're told you're x personality then you'll always find examples of that in life and re-enforce that idea.
That being said I quite like the idea of it, I think having a bit of the fateful in life adds a bit of spice to things.
YoJisda1 · F
@Joeyyy Whoa, I hadn't thought of that. Great point.
MarthaMazz · F
As well as that, I can buy that for a lot of people, being constantly told "your are a Pisces therefore you have these personality traits" makes them more likely to identify those traits in themselves and maybe make them more significant or exaggerated. Not even being aware that they are doing it. So that after a while they are kind of fulfilling it.

MarthaMazz · F
I definitely do not believe it for a few reasons. But the main one is, all the zodiac signs and astrology stuff that is used to make horoscopes today was made up by the Mesopotamians like four thousand years ago. Now they were super advanced and intelligent and its amazing that they could work out everything they did with almost no technology. But since then technology and learning has advanced and we have discovered that they didn't get everything right. Calculations were off. Stars they saw as part of the same constellation are incredibly far apart. They couldn't have known any better but we do now. And knowing that, we can see that the system being used doesn't make any sense even if we did believe in those things having an effect.
leeloh · F
Because horoscope is created in the environment the person grew up in, so yes it would make sense to me for people to have common traits based on zodiac zones
goagainsttheflow · 26-30, F
They aren't bc everyone would be the same according to their birth month, birth year, and and star house, but they're clearly not. Traits of horoscopes, star signs, and star houses are also something everyone has a little bit of each one in their personality regardless of when they were born.

But I mean, belief in this stuff is just a phase. Give 'em 10-20 years, they won't believe in it anymore.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@goagainsttheflow zodiacs/horoscopes have been around for about 3000 years... 🤔
ArishMell · 70-79, M
No. Astrology is mere fortune-telling based on random, fanciful patterns of a few dozen stars and the eye-visible planets. The stars have no connection with each other, let alone the with Earth and life on it. The planets' connection is merely that of astronomical neighbours.

[i]However[/i], I do wonder if some who believe in astrology , tea-leaves and the like very strongly, might unconsciously warp their lives to fit their imagined astral controls.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
while there may be no "scientific" correlation between astrology and personality, they do have an uncanny propensity of being fairly accurate... 🤔

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