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Do certain people give you anxiety?

And not in a good romantic way, more of a uncomfortable scary way 馃槰 due to a situation gone terribly wrong.
StokedFox36-40, F Best Comment
Yes. Some people ooze bad vibes.
[@623707,Beaky] 馃槪
StokedFox36-40, F
[@526701,Stark] yup lol I get the hell away from them

Yes. I can't be around drunk people for the most part. Particularly drunk men.
[@370627,Nadie] drunk people are scary
NaturalBeautyQueen36-40, F
[@370627,Nadie] drunk, angry men scare me the most. I don鈥檛 like being around them.
absolutely. lots of people get me all bad vibes and buzzy... i already have massive anxiety as it is.. but they amp that shit up majorly.

angry men,especially if they raise their voices.
women who are trying to push for "closeness" without having taken the time or earned it.
overly pushy males.
anyone who has a habit of staring.
I've had situations like this. But I have shrunk my personal bubble. It doesn't accommodate as many people as it use to. Now, I am more aware of subtle nuances in the way people hold themselves or look at me.

I see the red flags while they are still white wool on the sheep.
[@4431,Serenitree] that鈥檚 interesting I like it.
CountScrofula41-45, M
Yeah absolutely. I'm not an anxious person by nature (a few things set me off) but certain personalities put my teeth on edge and give me an immediate "DO NOT WANT" reaction. There's a few people at work I do my absolute best to avoid for that reason. Ugh.
PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]people in general give me anxiety. just thinking about having to see people can set off my anxiety to the point of feeling like I'm going to pass out[/c]
[@10586,PlumBerries] I experience different kinds depending on the person it鈥檚 not a nice feeling.
PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]no it is really horrible[/c]
[@68426,Coldeyes] why does it really matter ? You clearly know why, and even if I did it wouldn鈥檛 make a difference.
SW User
[@526701,Stark] so many assumptions i don't even know where to start
[@68426,Coldeyes] okay
Just one guy..I can feel when he walks in the room. He has a bad presence about him.
[@672262,Pixiering] 馃槰
I have in the past but now I manage to keep distance from people like that
datboi22-25, M
Yep, my baseball coach. Lmao
[@683532,datboi] coaches are scary and creepy
SW User
A little bit for a few.
[i][c=#BF0080]Yeah, a couple 馃槖[/c][/i]
maryannspring22-25, F
Dudebros, white knights, whatever you wanna call them
[@689734,maryannspring] 馃槰
Blooo22-25, M
Didn鈥檛 know there was some kind of good romantic anxiety lol
[@601054,Blooo] yes there is. 馃槍 it鈥檚 nice and relieving
PerthSurfer46-50, M
[@347919,coolboy86] I told you it was common 馃構
coolboy8631-35, M
dont gloat
[@347919,coolboy86] I will gloat
Fordman6456-60, M
So did your quiet time when you don't know what to say?
[@679992,Fordman64] your fucking profile pic gives me anxiety 馃槀
Fordman6456-60, M
Well deal with it[@526701,Stark] [@526701,Stark]
[@347919,coolboy86] 馃 probably common
coolboy8631-35, M
seems to be

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