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Would you want to look like you're alive at your funeral?

Me: I saw on youtube that alot of people have their deceased loved ones to look like they are still alive. There is even one buried sitting on a motorcycle as if he is riding it and another sitting at a table playing dominoes. Some says it helps with the grieving process and makes them remember that person for who he/she was and not for how they are dead or how they died. This is kinda creepy looking so I wouldn't want to appear alive when I am not. I guess I do understand why some people do it though. This happens alot more so in puerto Rico.
I look dead most mornings so that wouldn麓t be much of a difference,馃槃
[@330935,Underconstruction] 馃槅
PlumBerries26-30, F
[c=#7700B2]I would like to be stuffed like those dead animals and be wearing a funny hat and glasses while I'm put at the front door to greet everyone in..[/c]
[@10586,PlumBerries] I'll go for a Clear Resin Coat and be Holding a "Turn Here馃憠" sign at the end of the Driveway!
More Looney Liberal "Feel Good" Equality Psychobabble ....
Trying to make the Dead Feel & Look like they're all Alive so no one will get feelings hurt!

"Look Honey, Grandma is just playing Gin Rummy, like always!"

[i]Then 30 minutes later the kid is traumatized when they drop her in a grave and toss dirt on top of her![/i]
SW User
No that's kinda messed up, they're dead accept that not delude yourself into believing "they're still alive" or whatever the hell this is trying to do.
[@595492,Heartless] Yup!
Just take em home after the wake and prop em up in their favorite chair at the dinner table!!!
SW User
[@602522,Kneauxledge] oh look kids, Grandpa's here!
[@595492,Heartless] Foooooorrrrr Evvvverrrrr!
FishingTech31-35, M
It's even creepier the things that have to be done to put the deceased into those positions. Since the ligaments in their joints solidify after a little while, they literally have to break their bones to manipulate the arms and legs.
I think it's creepy and disrespectful. I also disagree with people who take photos of a corpse. Why would you what a photo of a dead person?
anoderod5561-69, M
more like sleeping . last one i went to . a cousin . she just looked dead and stuffed in a coffin . very sad .
That is kind of.....different. I'm going to be cremated. Don't want anyone digging up my bones in 200 years.
sanjoh22-25, F
no if and when i die on my bike i wont to be the way i was

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