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27 hours to go

I might change my mind, but i got some material that could help me "get over" the addiction hurdle. But if i do change my mind, it's necessary to make plain that i need to be more self disciplined.

On one's journey, there's a need for continual effort, to fall into the quagmire of no effort is what becoming a vegetable entails.

So there always has to be things i'm working on.

If this is my last post i want to cram as much as i want into it.

The social media addiction self help sort of books is a nice new category for me, i would normally look down on self help, but i love it when there's bits of trivia one can learn from it when they draw out examples of things.

I will never get those how to win friends and how to be successful in business types though, but on topics of use and interest to me. I do have a internet addiction as most people do. You see people on their phones all the time, it's not just me, and i don't have a phone, who would i be calling? Noone. But my laptop is on all through the wake period, ofttimes for sure i just got music playing while reading but i keep looking at the computer screen, checking like a dope addict.

Learning, getting used to the proper vocabulary for the dilemmas one lives 24/7 with is like a tonic, you fall in love with acquiring knowledge, cuz you're connecting the dots finally, you're awakening from an epoch of living as if you don't give a hoot.

I think many of us have a no care attitude, and that might help in making the norm go by smoothly, but if things are unsatisfactory and gradually worsening, if you would like to gain control again, learning is a great choice.

You grasp at straws first, key terms, apply them to the mode of exploration, lean on the well represented, see what has worked for the most who testify the most authentically.

Embark, you'll feel better almost immediately, because your finally doing something about it, not a vegetable after all.

On SW there is as many people i've come to adore that i can count on one hand, i have always for the last few years not been outward in my doings, i've rather been on a escape mentality plan.

Whatever happens, i love those whom i love, my choice of leaving SW doesn't effect that, but my journey is definitely in the final stage as i can clearly contemplate it, i would like to re-enter the state i was in in 2004 to 2010, when i didn't use the internet, but this time i would use the internet to help in learning and relaxing, and i would be using it, not it using me, i wouldn't be checking all the time, i would be wanting to know something, search for it, find it, and then get on with what i was doing beforehand.

Okay, enough chatter, loose ends be tied, so with clean conscience a departure can be successful.
Don鈥檛 leave me here all ALONE 馃槗
@Lemonadepopper Your're the prime reason for staying, love you dear, probably will stay. Less active though. 馃
@SW-User aw I love you too! Sorry I鈥檓 crap at emails xxx
@Lemonadepopper Better than being addicted to emails 馃槉

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