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I dreamed about people and things in different times in the past together in 1 dream

Last night,

I dreamed about being in the classroom. I saw the 2 bitches who bullied me in school. One of them tapped my back heavily and perhaps was asking me to do something. I fired back, told her i had no responsibility to do anything for her, and called the police that she attacked me. She back off, so did her fellow.

I tried to call a classmate, who in reality was a new friend I met months ago and has never been my classmate. I wanted to call him for help but could not reach him.

Everyone had left the classroom, i saw a bag left on the shelf at the wall. It was open, so I checked what was inside. There was my sketch book. I remember that, more than 20 years ago, my sketchbook was stolen in school. I drew well. Even up to now I am not sure whether the thief liked my drawings so much, or he/she hated me so much that he/she stole it and dumped it.

Then I was in a library with some classmates, who in reality again were friends I newly met few months ago. We were looking for a large table for doing group project together, but all tables were full. So instead, we stood aside and chatted. They talked about themselves, one said that she already had 2 children and other classmates were surprised and very happy for her. In real life, before I lost my job months ago, I spent all my time at work, but never got respected and promoted; since graduated, I have been bombarded by countless rude remarks by family, relatives and unfriendly male colleagues that I was old, single and childless.

End of dream.

My fear from the past and of the and my self-doubt has been all over my mind that it appears altogether in my dream. School has been a big part of stress and nightmare for me that it often appears in my dream, even 20 years after graduation.

To make it positive, I tried to find some clues for solutions to my problems from my dream. Self-help, lost & found, new direction in life.

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